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It’s been a busy few weeks at Embry-Riddle. For President’s Day/Valentine’s Day


A large heart made out of rose pedals at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

weekend, I went back home to Houston, Texas, and it was nice to spend the weekend with my family and local friends. Plus, I did receive some exciting news while en-route home for the weekend, but more will come later.

After I got back, I have been quite busy between work and school. This semester feels a bit different since I am taking a lot of my upper-level classes. This is the time where the rubber meets the road as in I am beginning to see how a lot of my classes connect; this helps keep my attention and engaged as many new connections are made.

Meanwhile, there are lots of big projects coming up. For example in my Airline-Airport Operations class, we are in small groups and will write a paper and give a presentation investigating something airline and airport related, and in my Business Information Systems class, we are writing about the “back end” of a business (which includes privacy policies, social media policies, software, and many other parts). Plus, we have started on our big Tech Report Research Paper.

The count down until Spring Break is on! Just one week to go.


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