Finals Are Around The Corner

Less than a week remains of the Spring 2016 semester, and I am counting down the days, hours, and minutes until I get to go home for a week!


All of my projects and papers have been turned in, including the dreaded Technical Report for my COM221 class (Technical Writing). The projects and papers were fun to work on, and it helped that most of the projects and papers required teams to work on them which makes them a little less work intensive.

All that all that’s left are three finals! Although two of my “finals” are just regular tests over the last bit of material we covered during the last month of classes, and only one is a cumulative final over all of the material we have covered this semester.

College finals may seem scary, but overall, they are not too bad. Our professors always try to give us some guidance, and in the end, most of the finals are just regular tests.


Things in Career Service have been quite busy the last few weeks. One cool thing is that students can earn college credit for going out on a Co-Op or internship! Since there are lots of students going out on internships and co-ops, the office is busy as there is a lot of paperwork that is done through our office.

In the Fall, I will continue working as a Student Assistant in Career Services, but I will also work as a Peer Mentor in University 101 for First Year Programs. I am really looking forward to this opportunity!

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