Summer Has Arrived

Summer has officially arrived, and to say the absolute least, I am very excited! While I do enjoy school, it is nice to enjoy a little R&R and a change of pace.

I only had three final tests this semester, and only one of them was cumulative. With my last final being over at 5PM on Tuesday, May 3, I wasted no time by flying home the following morning.


My inbound aircraft arrives before heading home

It was quite nice to spend a week at home with family and friends and just to relax a little; the last three weeks of school were extremely busy between work, final semester tests, finals, and term papers so some R&R was much needed.

All too soon it was time to return back to Florida for less than 72 hours to pack up and drive up to Atlanta to start my internship at Delta this summer! Stay tuned


It’s almost time for my summer at Delta to take-off!

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