Southern Summers

Happy Friday, everyone!

Another week gone; one week closer to school, one week closer to graduation, which means one week closer to……… winter. This entire week has been one of the hottest weeks in Florida and Georgia; I feel like I’m constantly living on the surface of the sun. I have a sunburn to prove it too. More often than not, I climb into my car after work and my OAT (outside air temperature) reads 114 degrees. I think there’s a math formula out there that explains that that equals the temperature of the surface of the sun. My goal next week is to try and bake cookies on my dashboard.

It’s Friday afternoon and I’ve been planning for this weekend since, well, last weekend. After spending last weekend with my friends back in Daytona, I was excited for another adventurous weekend, but this weekend in South Carolina. What’s the point to spending a summer by yourself, in an unfamiliar city, working at your dream company, without a little bit of travel and adventure? You can’t stay cooped up in the same spot all day, everyday. Go out and explore; see new places, meet new people. It’s all a part of this great internship adventure! Don’t miss out on great adventures and opportunities.

One of the great things about interning with Gulfstream is that the company provides housing to all interns from out of town. I’m very lucky to have this covered by such a gracious company; most interns have to find housing and pay for it out of pocket, but I’ve been lucky enough to have that taken care of for me. It’s a great set up; I’m paired up with a great roommate, thoughtful neighbors, and a great complex. But putting aside all of the amazing perks, we have to remember that this is Georgia in July – it’s hot. And do you know what makes it feel hotter than the surface of the sun? When your air conditioning breaks. On a Friday afternoon. The way I’m looking at it, my weekend can only go up from here.

Here’s to functioning air conditioning, plane spotting, and retail therapy. Enjoy your weekend, friends!


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