Start of the Hockey Season

Two weeks ago, I started playing hockey in the Adult C League at the Daytona International Skateway. The C league is a non competitive league where players just play for fun. This is my second season in Daytona as I played last spring semester.

The player average age is between 25 and 30 years old and men and women are welcomed to play. There are a few students from Embry-Riddle that play in my team which is quite nice.

During the season, we play 15 games against the other three teams (all from Daytona) in the league. This fall, the games are usually around 6:00PM and 7:30PM on Sunday evenings. Each game has a duration of about 90 minutes. I like this early schedule since it allows players to go home early. Last spring, the games were at 9:00PM which was quite late. I used to play hockey in San Antonio, Texas and some of the games were at 12:15AM on Fridays (Saturday).

If you are interested in seeing one of the games, you just have to visit this website to see  what time we play. I’m on the White Lightning team. Hope to see you at the rink!

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