Hurricane Matthew and the Industry/Career Expo


14448965_979559538837000_6374416581809021170_n-2October was starting off so well, until Hurricane Matthew decided to visit the Florida coast.

On October 1, I traveled up to Atlanta for the day to visit some of my co-workers at Delta that I worked with during my internship this past summer. It was really nice to re-connect with them and hear about what is going on in Network Planning. Plus, there was an airline collectible show going on at the Delta Flight Museum and ran into some old friends at the event.


Update on the Industry/Career Expo

Once returning back to school last week, the Career Services office was quite busy as we were finalizing preparations for the annual Industry/Career Expo that was set to take place that Thursday. However Tuesday morning, it became apparent that Daytona Beach and the rest of the Florida coast would be impacted by Hurricane Matthew.

We had to make the decision to postpone the Industry/Career Expo for the safety of the students and employers coming to campus. I spent most of the day in the office on Tuesday, and I do not think I have ever seen our office that busy!

The office is diligently working to re-schedule the Expo for Spring 2017, and we realize that this is a much anticipated event by students and employers. Over the course of the coming weeks, employers are planning to visit campus to host info sessions and to do some recruiting. Details about company events are being sent out via email and are included in our weekly email that is sent out on Sunday afternoons which students can sign up for through Eagle Hire.

Stay tuned for additional details about the Spring Expo coming soon!

Hurricane Matthew

This was not my first category four hurricane to deal with. A few years ago, I was living in Houston when Hurricane Ike made landfall as a category four storm. We were out of school for three weeks and without power for about two-and-a-half weeks. Thankfully, this storm was no where near like that.14469646_983286198464334_5263984979174363447_n-2

Tuesday morning, I was able to find a cheap ticket to fly back to Houston for a long weekend since it appeared that Hurricane Matthew was planning to make a direct hit to Daytona Beach. Luckily, it was just enough offshore that the damage was not as bad as some were predicting. Regardless, it was still scary and some homes are still without power and need repairs.

Starting Wednesday and into Thursday morning, Embry-Riddle evacuated its aircraft to Auburn. It was so crazy to see the flight line empty while departing Daytona Beach Thursday afternoon!


After an unexpectedly long weekend, classes are resuming today (Tuesday). It is not clear if the three days we had off will impact our semester schedule, but we should find out relatively soon.

Blue skies,


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