Inspiration at the Museums

These past few weeks have been super exciting to say the least. As an aspiring artist, I decided to take a “study in art class” as my lower humanities course. Something super cool about this class is that we go on field trips to Daytona’s local museum. The Museum of Arts and Science (MOAS) is full of incredible Florida landscape art, a fantastic collection of Cuban art, and more. I have been there twice now, and I have learned a lot about history and unique culture. I was overwhelmed by the amount of art that is currently in the MOAS.

The Museum of Arts and Science in Daytona Beach, Florida

There are two buildings that make up the museum. The main building features exhibits such as the Cuban arts exhibit. I learned the collection was donated by Batista himself during the time he stayed in Daytona. This building features many more like the early Florida exhibit, where they even have fossils. The second building of this museum is called the Cici and Hyatt Brown Museum, named for the generous donors and featuring their massive collection of Florida landscapes and historic Florida art. My pictures don’t really do it justice. Physically going to a museum really does take your breath away, whether you’re interested in the art or not, because you will find that it’s more than a piece of artwork, it’s history, culture and more. I highly recommend that you go, and if you decide to, go with your Eagle Card because Riddle students have free entry.

Touching base on another museum here in Florida, I had the pleasure of going to the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Tampa. It’s about two and a half hours away, but it was worth the drive. Not only is St. Pete beautiful, but it is also full of life. On Saturdays they have this huge farmer’s market full of different foods and music. But the main show was definitely The Dali Museum, seeing the art work is so overwhelming that I almost cried. You really get to see the fantastic thing that Dali was able to achieve, from Paintings, to film, fashion designs, and more. They even have a Virtual Reality feature that allows you to go “inside” his paintings.

sidewalk eatery

If you ever get a chance to visit the Salvador Dali Museum, do it! They offer student discounts for entry. But don’t just go for the museum, go for St. Pete also. It’s a great place to visit!

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