A New Semester

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone has had an amazing summer and stayed safe during hurricane Dorian. To mark the beginning of the new semester at sophomore standing, I wanted to write a little advice for the new freshmen coming in.  I know that starting college can be a little scary at first, it is in fact a lot different than high school. Professors are casual and laid back, you live in an unfamiliar place, there are new faces, and your success is entirely up to you. Your hands are no longer being held by faculty like in high school. This can be a lot for new students and from what I have learned, this can cause anxiety and depression issues among new students due to the massive amount of stress and change.

Rest assured that everyone at Embry-riddle wants you to succeed. We have countless options available to benefit all students. I wanted to start off on the topic of mental health. Obviously, everyone is excited to start their new college life, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any anxious feelings going around. Also, depending on the person, you may be feeling a little bit more nervous then others. It is completely okay to feel like this, my first semester was a whirlwind of nervous scared feelings. Eventually everyone settles in and gets used to the newness of being a college student. But not everyone stops feeling that way. Now, let me just say it is still completely normal to feel that way, but its important to know that there are options for help if needed. Embry-Riddle’s Health and Wellness Center has more to it then just a place to go if you’re feeling a little sick. It’s also a place you can rely on to talk to someone about any negative feelings you may be having.

My biggest advice to all new students is ask for help when you need it. Talk to your professors when you’re having trouble in class, talk to your academic advisors when you feel concerned about your schedule, classes, and major. Asking for help is one of the biggest factors of success at Embry-Riddle, especially when you’re a new student. Another big help that you can go to if you’re having trouble in classes is the tutoring options here at Riddle. For example, if you’re having trouble in math, writing, physics, engineering, or chemistry/bio, “A Squared” is the perfect place to be. It’s the Academic Advancement Center, home to tutoring labs in the College of Arts & Sciences. Riddle even has digital labs where you can get help making Powerpoint presentations, using Photoshop, making videos, and even learn how to better your speech capabilities. Use these options if you need them because they will help you.

Another Big Word of Advice I have for everyone, and you will hear this a thousand times over, GET INVOLVED. In high school you are pushed to get involved as much as possible, but I think we all kind of brushed it off and continued to do what we were doing. Now, it’s one of those super-important key factors that can only lead to success. What you get involved in now will only look good on your resume for future jobs. It’s highly recommended that you consider joining a student organization, sorority/fraternity, a school project, a club, or even study abroad. I have spoken to so many people that have gotten amazing jobs not because of their impressive GPA, but because of their involvement in extra curricular activities. Employers want to see what you did to expand yourself. I went to a meeting for communication majors, where graduates from the Communication major at Riddle talked about how they got their jobs and what they did in college. The first speaker said she got her job because of her involvement in clubs, the next speaker said her interviewer just asked her questions about her study abroad time, and the last speaker got her internship from projects, which led to a big career for her. I know we all roll our eyes a little when teachers talk about getting involved, but it all is important.

I hope I was able to provide a little bit of insight, or even inspiration. I know it’s all new and different, but don’t worry! Everyone here was once in your shoes and everyone helps and supports each other!

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