Where are they now? BAE

As a student blogger, Maryam Gracias shared her experiences interning for the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA) and for Delta, her study abroad research experience in Cuba, her love of travel and her studies as a spaceflight operations major. Why did she choose Embry-Riddle? “Because of my passion for flight and the great networking opportunities Riddle provides!”

Her hard work and networking opportunities paid off and she now works for BAE Systems, “a global defense, aerospace and security company employing around 88,200 people worldwide. Wide-ranging products and services cover air, land and naval forces, as well as advanced electronics, security, information technology, and support services.” She serves as a systems engineer on the F-35 Fleet and she’s pursuing a master’s degree in systems engineering through Embry-Riddle’s Online campus. Studying online allows her to pursue an advanced degree while working full time. 

In many ways she is a typical ERAU student: ambitious, adventurous, smart and passionate about life and aviation. Originally from Dubai, she moved to Florida where she graduated high school with the highest honors and played professional tennis. She earned a Brook Owens Scholarship and completed three internships while at the Daytona Beach campus. She also served as an O-Team member welcoming all new students to campus, and in the Women’s Ambassador Program to serve as a mentor to new female students at ERAU.

Her minor courses of study in flight, aviation safety and human factors incorporated her love of flying and offered the safety expertise that attracted employers. At Delta, she worked as a flight safety intern. And while her occupation is focused on engineering, she has not lost her love of flight. Check out her social media ten-day challenge images!

Who is the challenger Kim Szathmary? She’s a professor at Embry-Riddle! She has a PhD in Business Administration, a commercial pilot’s license and CFI (certified flight instructor license) and teaches Human Factors in Aviation Safety and Safety Program Management at the Daytona Beach campus. She’s also the faculty advisor for the Spaceflight Sciences Policy and Operations Club, their motto: Ad Astra Per Aspera or “Through hardships to the stars!”

Keep dreaming big, Maryam!

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