Looking Forward to the Rest of the Summer

What a unique summer it has been so far here at Embry-Riddle, but as we get closer to the end of June, we are preparing for more students to come live on campus and start in-person instruction again. Some people who have been living and flying here will be leaving for the summer and others will be coming to start their summer instruction. Because of this, housing and residence life has been getting ready by reminding students about moving out and beginning to check rooms to make sure they are ready for incoming students. The school, as well as Florida, has been opening up a little more for us to engage in. The school just opened the gym, with new cleaning and distancing rules to help everyone stay safe and healthy, as well as recreational places outside are now open, like the tennis courts, volleyball courts, and tennis courts, and it surely has been nice to be able to use them again and socialize a bit more.

I am currently taking a math class online, but I am also about to begin an in-person computer programming class. I am excited as well as nervous to begin in-person classes, but the university has put so many precautions and practices into place such as continuing to social distance during class and wearing face masks that make me feel more comfortable to transition back to face-to-face classes, plus it will be a good stepping stone when everybody returns in the fall.

I am very much looking forward to having a little more interaction with new residents, as I had a few on my floor this past term. I hope everyone coming in this summer is also excited to get back to more of a normal school life, and enjoy the rest of the summer while completing milestones for their career goals, and maybe sneak away to the beach every now and then.

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