Hurrication, Round 2: Hurricane Nicole

I think I’m becoming a true Floridian.

Over the past weekend, Hurricane Nicole hit the Daytona Beach area, making a very interesting four-day weekend. We originally had three days off, since Friday was Veteran’s Day, but on Tuesday the university announced that classes would be canceled on Thursday as well. As the storm loomed closer, they also canceled all classes on Wednesday after 12 PM.

I had an exam at 9 AM on Wednesday morning, which we did take, and then headed back to my apartment to participate in Boeing’s EAHI matching discussions. It had already rained in the morning, so we were seeing the outer bands of the storm. A lot of professors chose to teach online or have an online option, which was nice since I have recorded lectures to watch and reference if I need to.

This storm was calmer than the last, but the eye of the storm did not pass over the Daytona area. From what I heard, the winds were not as strong and there was not as much rainfall. I did some homework on Wednesday evening, making sure to keep an eye on the hurricane supplies I had. I had plenty of nonperishables and water when I prepared for Hurricane Ian, so I wasn’t too worried.

I ended up staying over with a friend and we baked a cake on Wednesday night, leaving it to cool before frosting it on Thursday morning. It was not a normal breakfast, but it was a delicious one nonetheless.

One tasty hurricane cake!

After eating cake for breakfast (totally healthy, I know) I ended up doing a little more homework before we drove around Daytona. The winds weren’t as strong and the ground was clearly visible, so I felt safe driving around. From what I saw, the only area that had been severely flooded was by the bridge to Daytona Beach Shores.

This was definitely different than Ian- with Ian, there were plenty of flooded areas since there was more rainfall. During Ian, the ICI parking lot was flooded; during Nicole, the pavement on the parking lot was clearly visible and the fountain had not overflowed.

We did drive by the airport and noted that the visiting Aer Lingus aircraft was still there. It’s an Airbus A330, and it landed on Tuesday night. Originally going from Orlando to Manchester, England, the pilots declared an emergency and diverted to Daytona because of smoke in the cabin. The passengers and crew deplaned and the aircraft was left on the ramp.

Our visitor.

By Thursday night, everything had calmed down. I ended up going to Buc-ees with a friend. After that, we picked up a third friend and walked around Target, which was surprisingly open. After going to Target I ended up going back to my apartment and hanging out.

I took Friday and Saturday off since I felt like I deserved a vacation. The storm had passed and my apartment didn’t have any damage, most of the damage hit the coast and beachfront properties. That’s the one thing that I like about Embry-Riddle; it’s a few miles inland so when weaker hurricanes hit, damage is less likely to happen.

I got to play with my roommate’s kitten this weekend, and she (the kitten) is definitely growing. The apartment complex I’m in allows pets for a fee, and I’m glad I get to live with a cat. Her name is Chandelle and she’s the cutest little thing! I want to get a cat of my own someday, but maybe now isn’t the time. I’m super busy and still a student, so it’d be harder to afford one.

This week is the last full week before Thanksgiving break, and then I’m headed back to Kentucky to see my parents. After that, December will come quickly, and then it’s finals week. There’s a lot to look forward to, and I’m very excited about the holiday season. So I’ll see you in the next post… and hopefully at Riddle!

Chandelle the kitten!
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