Everything That’s Happened Since Thanksgiving Break

It’s finals season, yay…

After a very restful Thanksgiving break, it was the final countdown before finals began.

Of course, ERAU was full of support. The week before finals is called stress relief week, which has a bunch of giveaways for stress-relieving things like coloring books. I snagged one of those, and it’s actually pretty relaxing.

Stress relief week also had stress-relieving dogs, which was great. There were several dogs for students to pet and love as they walked in between classes, and I definitely took the opportunity. They stayed for a couple of hours during the peak of the day so more students could pet them.

Stress relief puppy!

That week, my classes were wrapping up and preparing for finals. Everything was due on or before the designated Friday called “study day.” At ERAU, we have classes on Monday through Thursday, Friday is a study day, and then finals are on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. This year I had four finals- one on Saturday, two on Tuesday, and one online. I had a fifth class without a final, too.

Although I don’t know my final grades yet, I’m hopeful and think I did well. It wasn’t as exciting as last year’s finals week when I got to go flying, but my finals were earlier in the day than last year. I also spent a lot more studying for finals this year. Classes are getting harder, but they’re still manageable! On Study Day, one organization hosted free tutoring for some engineering courses that a lot of people struggle with. It was definitely helpful.

The Student Government Association also had its semesterly forums around stress relief week. The senators from each college (Arts and Sciences, Aviation, Business, and Engineering) hosted their own separate forum days where students get free food for providing feedback. They usually bring inflatables and free food, and everyone likes free food.

The best free food I’ve ever had was actually during one of the forum days- I forget which, but they brought “tornado potatoes” which were flat ovular potatoes on a stick. They were deep-fried and made fresh, and then you could apply salt if you wanted- kind of like a less-cooked Buc-ee’s beaver chip. Since there was no limit on how many we could have, I had three.

Overall, it’s been a busy time of year, but the semester is almost over and I’m due for another break. I’m excited to see what the spring will bring and what I’ll do. In the meantime, I’ll see you in the next post… and hopefully at Riddle!

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