My Winter Break

New year, new semester, new post!

Winter break, as per usual, was too short. I went to California, home to see my family (and my cats), and then back to Daytona Beach for New Year’s Eve. I decided to spend the week and a half before school started in Daytona Beach.

Unfortunately, I was supposed to leave California on December 22, but the snowstorm prevented me from getting home. Instead of risking getting stuck in the Dallas airport, I chose to stay an extra two days and leave very early on the morning of Christmas Eve. It turned out to be the right decision- my flight from Santa Barbara made it to Dallas, but the flight from Dallas to my home airport of Lexington, Kentucky, never left the ground.

I ended up gambling with the flights- the best option for me looked like I’d have two connections- Santa Barbara to Dallas, Dallas to Chicago, and then Chicago to Lexington. I decided to go with it, since Dallas and Chicago were both big airports so there would be plenty to do.

Dallas’ D terminal- where all the large aircraft park.

I had a few hours in each city, but I liked the Dallas airport a bit more because of the train. I took the train around the airport and looked at all of the airplanes, especially around the D terminal since that’s where the large aircraft were. I also happened to be going out of there since my second flight was on a Boeing 787, which was super cool. I’d never been on one before.

I eventually ended up back in my hometown, where it was freezing outside. I am not a fan of the cold, but it was nice to be home for a week or so before I headed back. I didn’t do a whole lot over the break- I mainly watched Netflix, played with my cats, and spent time indoors (it was freezing outside).

Chocolate the cat enjoys soft blankets in a warm house.

I left Kentucky for Daytona Beach on December 30 so I could be in Daytona for New Year’s. This time I flew with Delta and took the last flight of the night into Daytona Beach. It was a short flight from Atlanta, and one I’ve flown a lot, but I ended up sleeping through the entire flight.

While in Daytona, there were many Buc-ees runs, trips to Tanger Outlets (which is a nice shopping center), trips to Starbucks, and trips to various restaurants around town. My friend Chris was also in town, and we went flying over the Friday before school started simply because we could.

Flying is always fun. While I don’t regret switching out of aeronautical science, I still love going flying. Before coming to ERAU, I’d only flown in small planes a few times, and I found out that I really liked it. It’s one perk that seems to me like it’s exclusively Riddle. I’ll see you in the next post… and hopefully at Riddle!

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