Dear Spring 2024,

You know that saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade?” Well, I have taken that expression quite literally in efforts to help my mental health. Sometimes doing crafts, cooking, or other mindless activities (somewhat mindless activities) can help your brain and mindset. I have heard things like, if you are angry, listen to music or workout, if you are sad, take a shower, and if you are overwhelmed, color a picture. These things are all ways to reset your brain, so-to-speak. I had the craziest last few weeks and with final projects, exams, and studying coming up, it is more important than ever for me to remember to “color a picture” from time to time…

A few weeks ago, I attended an alumni luncheon with the President of Embry-Riddle! It was a wonderful opportunity to talk one-on-one with the President, ask him questions, and listen to his speech to all of the alumni that attended.

Right after the luncheon, I attended the 2023 Halifax Art Show on Beach St. where I stumbled across a cannoli food truck that just happened to have gluten-free options. I was over the moon…

My classes have been going well. I like to think I have a cozy study area that helps me focus on studying. Sometimes, I go to the computer lab at the Student Union though. It just depends on the day, and the parking at school. It’s important to stay organized especially when things get busy.

Aside from my coloring pages and lemonade making, a fun game night does me wonders too. We have friends that live in Jacksonville, Florida and we like to get together a few times per month to have a game night. We play a bunch of different board games and oftentimes we order Insomnia cookies and bake pizza too. It is the best time!

It has been an eventful, busy semester. Life changes a lot, and you just have to keep your head up through it all. Life as a student can get busy, chaotic, and unpredictable, but taking things one day at a time, spending time with loved ones, and reminding yourself that you’re human are some of the best ways I have learned to cope with everything.

So, Spring 2024 semester, I hope you are filled with new opportunities, good news, and unlimited learning.

Ciao for now!

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Majors:Systems Engineering and Business Administration Hometown:Port Orange, Florida Campus Involvement:SSPOC Vice President, SWISE Public Relations Officer, Society of Women Engineers member, SHARK member, First-Generation Student Association member, Environmental Club member, Psi Chi International Honor Society, National Society of Leadership and Success Why I Chose Embry-Riddle: Embry-Riddle has been my dream college since I was in Middle School. I remember attending the Astronomy Open House nights hosted by the ERAU Astronomy Club as a 14 year-old and imagining myself attending the university one day. I remember being so attracted to every major they offered, it was hard to choose one! I knew Embry-Riddle was perfect when my dream college was 10 minutes away from my house and that I already had so many connections there. I took Embry-Riddle courses through my high school and even received a scholarship for the ESPERS program when I was in 11th grade. I finally got to attend Embry-Riddle as a high school student before I even graduated. As a senior, I was offered the Golden Eagle Scholarship and started more research as to what program I would have liked to pursue. I couldn't be happier with my choice to attend ERAU and my education and experiences I have received from the community and university. I am eager to continue my education in January 2023 as I will be starting on my M.S. in Systems Engineering.

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