Business & Engineering: The Dynamic Duo | Spring 2024 from the POV of a dual Masters Student

It’s January and you know what that means: jumping back into nightly engineering homework and number crunching on balance sheets. Because our semester started on a Wednesday and because of Martin Luther King Day, it’s almost the end of January and I haven’t even started my Systems Engineering Organizational Management course yet. I am about to have my first “normal” week and I am ready to get back into routine. My accounting course is going well, on the other hand. I am so grateful for the professor: she is a gem! I highly recommend Dr. Nelson if you ever find yourself needing ACC 517.

We had our first SWISE meeting of 2024 last week and it was so much fun seeing so many new and returning faces. Our club goals for this year is outreach, volunteering, guest speakers, and the biggest one, conferences! We will be venturing to SpaceCom 2024 in Orlando at the end of this month and I couldn’t be more excited. Also, we are hoping to arrange a plan for the SWISE members to attend Women in Aviation in Orlando in March as well. To be continuted!

I am currently searching and applying to every internship in Florida that I can find. I even applied to a Walt Disney World Imagineering internship. I am specifically looking for systems engineering/aerospace engineering experience working with lunar or Mars systems, but any experience is good experience! I have applied to so many companies including SpaceX, Blue Origin, NASA, Disney, Lockheed Martin, etc. I am hoping I find an opportunity this semester, especially with all of the conferences I will be going to: something is sure to come up!

My schedule this semester consists of gym workouts in the mornings, studying at Starbucks afterwards, meetings on Wednesday mornings, Wednesday evenings, and Thursday evenings, Accounting 517 on Monday and SYS 660 on Tuesday evenings, and work all of the rest of the time. I am never not busy!

I did get accepted to the Spring 2024 NASA L’Space NPWEE academy and it has been going well so far! I took so many notes during my first meeting. It was information overload, but I loved it. I even made a new notebook on Goodnotes solely for my project. I highly recommend the Goodnotes notetaking app for iPad for any student!

As someone who wants to be part of the future team that launches the first manned mission to Mars, I am always thinking about my future. It becomes so much sometimes that I have to remember to take one day at a time, and to not compare myself unfairly to others. This is why I founded AstroChrissy: a social media account/mentorship business meant to inspire young women and professionals pursuing STEM topics. I landed some influencer jobs with some popular companies and will be doing contract work utilizing my videography and photography skills. I hope with my page and blog to encourage women studying STEM topics like myself and help other college students navigate through college. I hope my content will guide and inspire other young professionals to reach for the stars and never stop dreaming. I am so excited to see where my social media mentorship business takes me.

Remember to take time for yourself, eat healthy, don’t skip the cardio, and make time for your friends too! It is always so fun traveling to see friends on a weekend trip. It is the best way to get your mind off of things and have a fun night. I recommend board games, snacks, and laughter to make it an even better time!

There are so many good meals we eat on a weekend trip. It’s always a food story! Stonewood is not too far from Embry-Riddle and it is a must for celebration nights or midday lunch stops. Also, they have the best creme brulee ever!

2024 started off so well, and I hope it continues to bring good news, new opportunities, and in August, some home game wins. We spent our New Years Eve cheering on our favorite football team in Jacksonville, loridaL at Everbank Stadium. It was a night game, and so cold, but we got to be part of the light show which was awesome.

There are so many things going on for me this semester, so prepare to hear more soon. Cheers to a wonderful spring 2024 semester! Ciao for now.

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Majors:Systems Engineering and Business Administration Hometown:Port Orange, Florida Campus Involvement:SSPOC Vice President, SWISE Public Relations Officer, Society of Women Engineers member, SHARK member, First-Generation Student Association member, Environmental Club member, Psi Chi International Honor Society, National Society of Leadership and Success Why I Chose Embry-Riddle: Embry-Riddle has been my dream college since I was in Middle School. I remember attending the Astronomy Open House nights hosted by the ERAU Astronomy Club as a 14 year-old and imagining myself attending the university one day. I remember being so attracted to every major they offered, it was hard to choose one! I knew Embry-Riddle was perfect when my dream college was 10 minutes away from my house and that I already had so many connections there. I took Embry-Riddle courses through my high school and even received a scholarship for the ESPERS program when I was in 11th grade. I finally got to attend Embry-Riddle as a high school student before I even graduated. As a senior, I was offered the Golden Eagle Scholarship and started more research as to what program I would have liked to pursue. I couldn't be happier with my choice to attend ERAU and my education and experiences I have received from the community and university. I am eager to continue my education in January 2023 as I will be starting on my M.S. in Systems Engineering.

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