The Four Year Plan

As a first year students, you will have to take University 101, Business 101, or AS101; these classes are designed to help introduce you to being a college student at Embry-Riddle. At times, the class may seem a bit redundant, but it is definitely a worthwhile class.

One of the projects you will work on is to create a four-year plan based on your degree requirements; honestly, I would say this was one of the most beneficial thing that I got out of the class because it is a great guide to help you when it comes to planning classes to ensure you take the right classes and graduate with all of the credits you will need.

Now, your four year plan is not set in stone so you can change it should a class not be able to fit in your schedule.

Earlier this month, I met with my new advisor in the College of Business to go over my four year plan and to get my hold off to register for classes; having the four year plan was a huge help as we were able to look at my credit progress into my degree program as well as to make sure that I am taking all of the prerequisites.

Even before you start your career at Embry-Riddle, I highly recommend that you start talking to your advisor to ensure that you take the right classes, especially your first semester. You definielty do not want to still be taking math classes in senior year if you don’t have to!

Until next time,