Post 3: What’s for Fun?

When I first moved to the Baltimore area, I was almost out of data. I have a GPS for my car, but it kept randomly powering- off. Google Maps offers an offline mode where you download an area of the map. Simply choose your area, download, save, go on off-line mode, and turn on your location. Location should not use data. The off-line mode works like the regular GPS except you will not be able to get alternate routes. For incoming students that are new to the Daytona Area, I recommend the off-line mode to save data.

One of the highlights so far was a day trip into Baltimore. An all-day ticket for the light rail is $4.20 which in my opinion, is such a deal. I didn’t have to worry about driving into the city, traffic, pot holes, parking, etc. I wake up early on the weekends because I can’t help it. I put on shorts, a tank top, and sun screen. I had a light back pack for my keys, phone, wallet. Other items I brought: water bottle, sunscreen, sunglasses, pepper spray, pocket knife, granola bar, ear buds. The light rail ride went smoothly. As I said, it was mostly empty. I’ve gotten “be careful in Baltimore” a lot. But I’ve also gotten the run down of the “safer” areas. Even in the tourist areas, I was aware of pick-pocketers, muggers, and other acts of violence.

I’ll admit, I got off the light rail at Camden Yards and it was a bit sketchy. I wandered around for a bit before I figured out how to get to the street. Google Maps street version is good but takes time for it to realize what direction you’re walking.

In short, I went to The Blue Moon Café, Fells Point, Federal Hill Area, the Wharf, and got lost plenty. I hammock. Look at bunnies during the morning and fireflies at night. I like going to the cinema. I saw Deadpool 2, Oceans 8, and the Incredibles 2. I went to LA Fitness today and did a Zumba class.

My 2¢

Shout out to all the Transfer Students! If you haven’t finished your application, make sure you stay on top of your To-Do list and regularly check your email, voicemails, etc. Likewise- If you feel like you aren’t getting emails or phone calls from Admissions PLEASE check your spam folder, or contact Admissions and make sure your personal information is correct.

Day Trip to Baltimore

Hello readers!

Since we did not have school last Friday, I traveled to see my friend in Baltimore, MD. He graduated from Embry-Riddle last spring and is currently the station manager of a ground handling company at Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI). I spent the afternoon touring with him.

We first started inside the airport where there is a small museum open to the public before the TSA security checkpoint. The Observation Gallery is located between Concourse B and C on the upper level. It features a small observation deck that faces a portion of the airport’s apron.

Observation Gallery (Source: Baltimore Washington International Airport)

Observation Gallery (Credits: Baltimore Washington International Airport)

After the quick museum tour, we went on to the ramp and drove around on the apron. It’s fun to be a passenger inside the airport but it’s also fun to be in the real action of the things thats are going on around an aircraft at the gate. I have always been interested at airline operations at the gate. Ever since I am young, I always sit next to the window at the gate and look outside.

There is a lot going on from the time an aircraft gets marshalled to the gate to the time it gets pushed back from the gate. Depending on the aircraft size, the ground crew only has less than an hour to deplane the passengers of the arriving flight, unload the bags, fuel and clean the aircraft, receive the inflight catering, board passengers and load the bags for the next departure.


Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900ER during turnaround for its evening flight back to Seattle-Tacoma. (Credits: Author)

As the Alaska aircraft was being pushed back from the gate, it was already time for me to catch my flight to go back to Daytona. I really enjoyed my experience during my short visit. I had been on the ramp previously but not as close as I did on Friday.

More Adventures
Next week, I’m off to South America with my brother for the Thanksgiving break. Stay tuned for more blogs about my next trip! You can follow me on Snapchat and Instagram @montrealspotter for live pictures.

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