November 2012

Time sure has flown! Seems like yesterday I was waking up to Homecoming week and now the countdown to Thanksgiving break has begun. Crazy! I could take the time to elaborate on Homecoming week itself, but that would take ALL day. So I’ll leave y’all with this; Embry-Riddle Homecoming is unlike any other. From the special parade and music performance to the air show to finish it all off.

Thunderbirds over campusSo believe it or not, here it is beginning of November. There‚Äôs only one month before exams, time to prioritize. Just like most other Riddle students, it’s crunch time for this girl. This blog entry I believe is best suited for advice. At this point in the semester so much is going on at once. Take the time to pick and choose which is more important on the “to-do” list. This could mean living in the 24-hour lab for the remainder of the semester. Sacrifice social life if anything and begin planning ahead for next semester, this means time to make that schedule. Be sure and make your schedule before new Freshman have the chance, this way you can choose when you would like to start and end your day. For me, this means no classes before 10 (I am NOT a morning person). With that being said, I am thoroughly excited and nervous for the start of exams and a new semester right around the corner. (: