November 29, 2010

Spring Semester is almost here, and with many of you reading this it is nearing the end of your senior year. Why yes I do remember it so clearly all the seniors of the years warned me of the same things, after Christmas break it all goes by so fast. And you know what, they were absolutely right. If you haven’t already applied for a college (you need to stop reading this and go apply), also look in to scholarships and grants they are free money for students like me and you who can’t exactly pick money off the tree for our every desire. So what can you expect after you return to classes in January? Work, work, and more work. Teachers are putting together your grades trying to finish up lesson plans and everyone is in the mad rush to make sure that they will graduate on time and with the grades, money and direction they need to keep making it in life. Admittedly, it was one of the most stressful times of my life but also taught me a lot about myself and how I truly work when the clock is on the last few seconds and counting down. I am promising to keep this one short in hopes that afterwards you will evaluate everything and make sure that you are ready and in order to graduate and start your new life in college (hey maybe that place is Embry-Riddle). So here are a few tips and tricks to help you along the way:

  • Check online to look for “senior checklist” many sites have prepared nifty little checklist that help you to organize and trust it is never too late for that.
  • Ask your teachers about your grade where it stands, if you have any missing work, and is there any available extra credit. It may seem tedious but in the end it is worth it and you will be happy to know you got the grade you deserved.
  • Find a way to relax on the weekends or between study times, not too much but some relaxation will save you a lot of headaches in the end.
  • Eat healthy. Your diet should never lack in stressful time your body is already burning a lot of energy as is.
  • Ask questions. As the saying goes there is no such thing as a stupid question (except the one you don’t ask). If you are having difficulty or not completely grasping something in class or for your proud walk across stage, ask about it.

There are plenty of tips I could go on about but there are just a few that I failed to grasp my senior year and now regret. Remember this is your final year you want to go out stronger than what you came in. Don’t slack and become lazy, because the next step is college and the real world. It’s all hard work and perseverance from here on out.