The Coffee Grind

With this semester only having four weeks left, I have realized one of my addictions is slowly making its way back into my life…..Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!

Ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you I have a problem with the amount of coffee I drink. I have been a coffee lover since before I can even remember. It has always been a part of my life growing up. My parents and grandparents drank it, it was offered to me before I ever thought I would enjoy consuming such a bitter hot beverage, and as I grew up my father taught me about different coffees. So being in college after already LOVING the caffeinated beverage you can only imagine how easy it is for me to consume more coffee than the average person. But the thing I love most about coffee is the time I spend with people when I go out to get coffee.

Whether or not you actually like coffee, most likely it is not preventing you from going to the closest Starbucks for a drink to sip on with a friend. It is very easy to ask someone to go grab a cup with you and has been an easy social icebreaker for me all my life. Not even a year ago, I started talking to who is now one of my good friends Kara over coffee. I meet with my RA supervisor for our meetings every other week over coffee. Going to get coffee is my way of connecting and getting to know people.

With the semester coming to an end faster than anyone can anticipate, it is nice to have a place to escape to and coffee shops are the perfect place to get that extra study time in. Being able to use a space to be productive and enjoy something small makes school a lot less stressful.

Special Thanks to Random UK students

I have found that the most difficult thing about an internship is moving. It is an absolutely stressful experience. From finding someone to fill a vacant room in what was my Daytona apartment to a last-minute hunt for a reasonably priced apartment in Lexington, I was constantly jumping over hurdles. Renter’s insurance, guarantor forms, and lease applications consumed me the weeks prior to my internship. If you are familiar with these terms, then you know an apartment hunt can be tasking. It’s even more tasking when you’re moving to a new state. The icing on the cake? The reality hits you that you don’t know anyone in your host city.

I didn’t share this “fear” as I prepared for my internship, but if someone asked me, I couldn’t deny it – I was afraid. I found not only friends at Riddle, but family. How could I make it four months without the company of my closest people. My boyfriend says I got lucky in Kentucky, so I guess I worried for nothing. I was fortunate enough to move into a four-bedroom apartment with University of Kentucky students.

Strangers at first, Tanayisha and Allison made my internship beyond memorable. I truly owe my sanity to them. They showed me around Lexington and made the transition process a lot easier. They even took me to a series of UK events including a forum with Viola Davis. Allison took me to trying boxing and Tanayisha took me to meet a few Greek probates. Just last week before my departure, Allison and Tanayisha took me for a day at the carnival.

Needless to say, I was very fortunate to have them. Internships present a lot of frightening factors we tend to overlook. After my experience, and the ones I’ve heard from others, it’s safe to say that it is first and foremost okay to be afraid. Secondly, be open to letting go of that fear. I missed my friends, but I’m glad that I made two more in Lexington, KY.


Lots of Packing and and Unpacking

Hello readers!

I do apologize for not writing sooner – it’s been a crazy few weeks. I completed my internship with Gulfstream about a week ago and today is the first day of classes back at ERAU!

I’m just so thrilled to have had such an amazing time at Gulfstream this summer. Now that my internship has come to a close, I don’t have very busy days; I’m simply finishing reports and data collection, which is a little different from my earlier task load. I’m used to having lots and lots to do and due dates to keep track of. But now it’s very calm and simple, which I can’t complain about, really. But that still doesn’t mean I’m not busy. I’m incredibly busy when I get home. If you haven’t moved before or moved by yourself at all, you’re in for a real treat. Packing up and unpacking all of your belongings is quite a feat.

I’m sitting in my apartment now, just looking around at all of my stuff. I don’t think you ever realize how much stuff you actually have until you have to pack it all up and move. I’m currently in the state where I don’t even have boxes taped together and am just sitting, anxiously hoping that somehow all of my stuff will magically pack itself, like a spell from Harry Potter. We’re not so lucky in our muggle world.

I know that moving to a new place, especially a school where you probably don’t know anyone (just like me my freshman year), trust me when I say that it’ll turn out better than you plan. Your room will be planned out just like you wanted it to be (or even better!), your RA will be awesome, and you’ll make friends that you’ll have for the rest of your life. My best friends are people I lived with in the dorms my freshman year. They were and still are my lifeline.

I’ll keep this one brief and keep you posted with the final ending to my time at Gulfstream (for now!).

Stay tuned for another update on the first few days of classes for my last semester as an undergrad!

Blue skies,