Medical Emergency & Disaster Relief or MED Club at ERAU provides 24/7 emergency Medical Services to the ERAU Daytona Beach campus. With equipment in hand and kubota fueled up and ready to go, the MED club is ready for any disaster or emergency that comes their way. Founded May 6th, 2005 with operations starting in October 2005, MED club worked it’s way to the top of Tomcat Annex overseeing all operations of emergency medicine on campus.


I interviewed the Assistant Chief of MED Club, Doug Rybczynski. 

Skye: “What got you interested in the MED Club?”

Doug: “Since I was already an EMT in New Jersey, I wanted to be able to continue giving back to my community through emergency medicine.”

Skye: “How did you find emergency medicine or should I say how did emergency medicine find you?”

Doug: “I was in the civil air patrol and really wanted to do community service and give back to the people, but when we weren’t getting enough mission in civil air patrol I really wanted to make sure I was doing enough for the community not just training.”

Skye: “What is your title and job in MED Club?”

Doug: “I am the Assistant Chief and also an EMT & Crew Chief so essentially I am in charge of all operations that go on as well as running the crew that is on duty working with me.”

Skye: “How long have you been a part of MED Club?”

Doug: “2 years. I joined the first week of school my freshman year.”

Skye: “How many people are in MED Club and what are the different positions?”

Doug: “We have 8 officers, 15 CFRs (certified first responders), and currently 3 EMTs. So a total of 18-20 active members.”

Skye: “What would you say is the duty and responsibility of MED Club?”

Doug: “To provide the highest quality emergency medical care to the students and staff at ERAU.”

Skye: “What would you say to future members who would want to join MED Club?”

Doug: “Come in with an open mind and a willingness to put yourself out there for someone else. Stranger or not.”

Skye: “Thanks so much Doug.”

Doug: “No problem.”


Thank you to Doug for taking part and allowing me to interview you.