First Few Weeks of the Fall 2016 Semester

Hello there!

I’m getting back into the swing of things at school; it has not been too bad of an adjustment going from working all the time to going back to being a student after my summer internship. 14332979_965948856864735_4286756368951495946_n

So far, the Fall 2016 semester is off to a great start! I am taking a lot of fun/interesting courses: Organizational Behavior, Corporate Finance, the Joy of Science, Technology and the Modern Civilization (an upper-level humanities course), and Economics of Air Transportation.

This semester has a bit of a different feel compared to my first semester at Riddle two years ago. My courses this semester require a lot more reading, but they provide a nice way to challenge the way I think. For example in my humanities course, we are analyzing why people post things on social media and how deeply the message is rooted in the medium (the social platform that is being used to send the message…Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc). Since I have a bit of a social background, it has been fascinating have these discussions in class and through our assignments because it is something that I have never thought of.

Team work has also become a lot more frequent; in three out of my five classes this semester, I have completed at least one assignment that required groups, and it is only the end of the third week! However, this is a great way to gain some experience working in a team, and based on the interviews for internships, a question about team work came up in every single one.

The Career Services Office has been very busy! We are getting ready to host the annual Industry/Career Expo on October 6 with 101 different companies attending! I feel like a little kid again waiting for Christmas morning to finally come as October 6 quickly approaches. The week of the Industry/Career Expo is always my favorite because it is a great way to meet and network with alumni, watch other students get interviews for internships and jobs, and see an awesome event come together!

I am also working as a Peer Mentor in a University 101 course this semester; this is a class that freshman take usually their first semester at Embry-Riddle. It’s a fun class that helps prepare you for your time at Riddle. From Academic Study Plans to hearing from different offices on campus to making a resume, the class covers quite a bit. It has been a lot of fun working as a Peer Mentor, and it has reminded my of my freshman year quite a bit and how the last two years at Riddle have been awesome!

It’s going to be a busy semester, but I am fully energized and ready to enjoy it!

Until next time!