Notes & Studying & Exams! Oh my!

I came into ERAU with a less common background. I was in virtual school from 4th through 12th grade. This trained me to prefer a certain type of learning: throw a textbook at me and tell me to learn it by myself. I did and still do really well with this approach. As I attended more and more lectures at ERAU, I survived but noticed that I did not feel 100% comfortable with their type of learning experience. Thus, for any new virtual schooled students or just new students in general, now as a senior, I wanted to share some of the techniques I have developed over the years.

MOST classes here at ERAU, at least the ones in my experience as an EP student, have a distinct system. You attend lectures, do homework, and take exams. I have a certain note-taking/studying system that has worked very well.
I use OneNote to do all of this because I like being able to see everything at a glance. I keep one large notebook; each semester has its own section group. Then, there is a section for each class. Each page is for a day of lecture, homework, or type of note.

  • Attend class to take lecture notes
    • Focus on writing down what is on the board & any other important things the professor says
    • Don’t be afraid to ask “will this be on the exam”
    • Ask if you are confused!
    • If not already specified by the professor, ask for what part of the textbook things correspond to & what extra practice problems you can do
  • Study at home!!
    • Take notes on the textbook
      • Create another notes page for textbook notes
      • I know it can feel wrong to do sometimes, but mark up your textbook!! Highlight definitions in yellow and important facts in blue. And then write notes in the margins or do extra math next to the examples.
    • Take notes on any PowerPoint slides or supplemental material on Canvas
    • Start homework early to fully understand the problem
      • In my opinion, it is okay to use an answer key (if given/permitted by your professor of course) as long as you understand how to get there. In fact, this process can make learning easier sometimes!
    • Do any extra practice problems that you can
      • If you are confused (or even if you aren’t), take these by the professor’s office hours or email it to them for feedback and extra tips!
  • Exam time
    • Glance through notes, especially for around 15 minutes leading up to the exam. Your short term memory is a powerful tool.
    • Redo all of your homework and practice problems on a big whiteboard for a day or so before the exam and see how fast you can get through them. Timing is key in some of these classes!
    • Study with your classmates. Even if you feel like you understand the material fully, someone else may have a perspective that will make you go WOAH

Less Than One Month Till Graduation

Hello There,

It is officially 28 days until graduation, but only 10 of those are class days (not including exam days)! It’s crazy how only two presentations and five tests lie between my and obtaining my degree. Plus, my University 101 class that I was a peer mentor finished so now I have a lot of free time on my hands!

University 101 is a class that just about all first-year students take (typically during their first semester). However, Aeronautical Science, Aviation Business, and Business students take a different version of the class. It might seem like it is not a fun or exciting class, but it is definitely an important one to take.

Throughout the semester, a variety of Embry-Riddle staff members come into the class as guest speakers to talk about the services their departments provide (ranging from Financial Aid to Campus Safety). In addition to that, there are several modules that go over Embry-Riddle’s policies and procedures, including on academic integrity, diversity, etc. Plus, we talk about fun stuff like the Industry/Career Expo, as well as campus involvement.

We also discuss and work on the Academic Study Plans which is where students take their academic requirements and plan out their best estimate of when they will take certain classes. Now, it is not set in stone, but it is a good way for First-Year Students to be made aware of what is ahead of them and plan for success.

The past week has been quite busy as I have been “on the road.” More on why I have been traveling a lot soon, but as I write this, I’m beginning my third trip in a week as I’m headed back to Houston for Thanksgiving.

One thing I am thankful for this Thanksgiving is a fun and memorable three-and-a-half years at Embry-Riddle!

Happy Thanksgiving,