My Journey to Chicago

Two weeks ago I was able to travel to Chicago, IL for an interview with United Airlines. I was interviewing for a Network Planning and Scheduling Intern position. The whole process started at the ERAU Career Fair, where I turned in my resume to a recruiter. I was then called for an interview that night. I interviewed at ERAU for about an hour. It was very different from an interview I had done before, which was a challenge. Luckily, I was able to make it to the next round!

I was contacted about a month later, and invited to come for an interview in Chicago! I was ecstatic when I got the call. They scheduled me on a flight from MCO to ORD early on Thursday morning. I went down to Orlando the night before to stay the night. Thursday morning I woke up and headed for the airport at 4AM. Luckily, there was room on the flight, so I got a seat!

Approach into ORD with the Chicago skyline

Approach into ORD with the Chicago skyline

After about a 2.5 hour flight to Chicago, I made it. The next challenge was to find the train. I had never rode a train before, and I had never had to navigate ORD by myself before, either. It took me awhile to actually find the train, but once I got on, all stress was relieved. It was about an hour train ride to downtown Chicago, so I used the time to prepare for my interview. Once I got off the train downtown, I was greeted with the chill of cold air. I was freezing! I did not come prepared for 30 degree weather, that’s for sure.

Statue right after I got out of the train station

Statue right above the train station

My next task was to walk to Willis Tower, United Airlines’ headquarters. They provided me with a map, however I was not very good at reading it. It took me awhile to even figure out what direction I was facing. I rushed into Starbucks to get warm, and to try and find directions. After a short coffee break, I hit the streets again, frantically trying to find the tower. Thankfully, I had been to Chicago years ago, so I remembered what the street looked like where Willis Tower is located.

After I got to the Tower, I checked in and headed upstairs to United Airlines. There, I was greeted by two fellow ERAU students, who also had interviews that day. We all ate lunch, and then started our interviews. I thought the interview process was wonderful. I really enjoyed my experience at United Airlines, and hope that it all works out for me.

Coincidentally, my dad was on a work trip in Chicago, so he met me after my interview. We rushed to the train station, and got on the train headed to ORD. I only had about an hour until my flight boarded, so I was in a huge rush. Of course, the train had mechanical issues, so we were stalled for an extra ten minutes. However, it was nice to talk to my dad the whole train ride. Once I got to the airport, my flight had already started boarding. The security lines were packed, so I had to beg TSA to let me go to the front of the line. Thankfully, they did! After making it through security, I ran to my gate. Of course, my gate was all the way across the airport. I don’t know how, but I somehow made it just before the door closed. I was so lucky.

I am so thankful for my experience in Chicago. Whether I get the internship or not, I think it was a valuable experience. It was fun traveling alone to a big city. Although, it was a very long day. I will update you on the status of the internship, as I hear back.

Until next time,


A week in the life of Lindsey

This week is a huge week for me! It has been very busy so far, with more to come! Although, it is expected, since it is the end of the semester. Once Thanksgiving Break hits, I will be almost free! So, I’ve decided to give you an update on what a week in the life of Lindsey looks like. Here it goes…

Monday: Mondays are always great days for me. Most people seem to dread them, however, I always look forward to them, since my sorority has chapter in the evenings! Besides getting to see all of my sisters, I also only have two classes, which makes Monday much easier. However, when I was not in class, I was focusing on my three final projects that all are due next week!

Tuesday: Tuesdays are normally a lot busier for me. Classes are an hour an fifteen minutes long on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as opposed to fifty minutes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Because of this, Tuesdays always seems to drag on. Once classes were finished, I had meetings scheduled to discuss the upcoming Farmer’s Market Tri Sigma is putting on. We had to discuss last minute logistics, since the Market is on Friday! After the meeting, my afternoon was filled with sending emails, writing a report, and running around campus picking up and delivering various things. We also have our weekly Women’s Ambassador Program meetings on Tuesdays. We are in the process of hiring new girls into the program, so I am super excited! After that meeting, I had an RA meeting, where we discussed closing procedures for Winter Break! I cannot believe it’s that time already!

Wednesday: Once again, Wednesday is going to be comprised of more meetings. I have a Women in Aviation meeting to attend, in which we are discussing our upcoming conference in Nashville, TN. I am stoked about this conference, so I cannot wait to start planning for it. Next, I will have several meetings for the sorority. I accepted a Treasurer position for the 2016 year, so I will be learning how to fulfill all the duties of the Treasurer. I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to serve on the Executive Board for Tri Sigma. Once all of my meetings are over, I will be headed to Orlando for the night!

Thursday: Thursday will be a huge day for me! I have an interview with United Airlines in Chicago, so I will be flying out early Thursday morning. Once I get to Chicago, I will have a few hours to get downtown, before my interview. After the interview, I will meet up with my Dad, since he happens to be in Chicago for work at the same time! I am so excited to see him, since I haven’t seen anyone in my family since early August. Then, I will be catching a flight back to Orlando that night. It will be the first time I am flying non-rev (meaning I am flying standby), so I am hoping that there will be seats available! I am looking forward to being back in Chicago, even if it is for a couple of hours. It is such a beautiful city.

Friday: Whew! If I make it through Thursday, then Friday should be an even bigger challenge! The Tri Sigma Farmer’s Market is from 8am-2pm, and I am the coordinator of it. I will be getting back late Thursday night, and then waking up early to setup for the Farmer’s Market at 5am! I think I am starting to go crazy, already. Although I will be exhausted, it is totally worth it. The Farmer’s Market is one of my favorite events of the year, since about 30 vendors come onto campus to sell produce, homemade items, and jewelry. All the proceeds of this event will be going to children in hospitals in Florida, and the Domestic Abuse Council. Since the event is so close to the holidays, all of the vendors are putting holiday twists on their merchandise! I cannot wait to see how it turns out!

Saturday: Time to go SCUBA diving! I started a SCUBA course last weekend, and on Saturday, I will be doing my first real dive in a spring. We are waking up early to go to Alexander Springs, where we will complete three dives. I am very excited to get to dive in a natural habitat, rather than a pool.

Well, that is my week for you. Add in some homework, presentations, and studying, and it sounds about normal! I know it will be overwhelming, but I love to stay busy. If all goes well, it should turn out to be a very fulfilling week! I will update you on how it goes!

Until next time,