October 14, 2004

Hey yall! What’s up? Well, it has been crazy around here with all of the work that has to be done. Since the hurricanes killed the school schedule all of the teachers are pressed for time and have to either cut out some work or cram it all in. My teachers have decided to do a little of both. I’ve been working non-stop on all this homework and stuff. Other than that school is going pretty good. My apartment which is supposed to be finished is still being built. It’s difficult moving from hotel to hotel while trying to do homework and everything else associated with college. It leaves you hoping that you will have a place to stay when you check-out. Not much has been happening in Daytona. Biketoberfest is coming up and the end of October so I guess everyone’s waiting for that. I’ll probably leave town for Orlando or go back to Tennessee when it comes around. I’m not really into Harleys and big motorcycles like that. But who knows, maybe it’ll be ok. I’m used to Gatlinburg, TN. When they have a motorcycle show it becomes quite a spectacle. Mostly it’s just loud and annoying. But we’ll see. My apartment was supposed to be finished September 16th, but now they’re saying it will be the middle of October. Let’s hope it’s done soon. Well, off to do more work. Later guys.

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