October 14, 2004

Hello again. Things seem to be settling down from all of this hurricane business. I’m kinda sick of them, so hopefully Daytona has met the quota for the next four years.

The activities fair was a couple weeks ago, definitely check it out when you come here. All of the organizations have been getting in full swing. I joined the Special Operations drill team, which has turned out to be pretty challenging. Three nights a week of some hard-core physical training is tough, but we also get to spin rifles and drill. The guys on the team and staff are fun though, so it should be a good time. AFROTC has been time consuming, to say the least. It’s a good program, and I’m enjoying it, but it should definitely be worth more than one credit. I also signed up to be one of the drum majors for the cadet band. The cadet in charge is starting it from scratch and not getting much support, so if you’re in DB and AFROTC next fall, I better see you with your instrument in tow.

After all the interruptions, classes are just now getting into quizzes and presentations and such. There’s a definite switch from high school..there is a lot of reading to be done outside of class, and you’re responsible for knowing it whether it’s covered by your professor or not. All my teachers seem to be pretty laid-back though, and I haven’t had to do any intense writing or anything as of yet.

Going to the beach at night is a new favorite past time for the people on my floor. We usually just check out Ocean Walk or the pier but it’s nice to just walk along the water. Makes for a cheap date too! 🙂 We also checked out the clubs on Seabreeze. Razzles was pretty lame, Fuel gets good reviews, and the guys are big fans of Molly Brown’s. It’s always fun when you run into nameless professors downtown at 2:00 in the morning, who are partying just as hard (or harder) as you. I’m having a lot more fun than I was at the time of my last post…I’ve made some really good friends and there is always something fun going on, especially at 3 AM when I have PT for ROTC at 6:30…

I got a job on campus, and I definitely recommend it. Very simple stuff, a convenient location, and a relaxed atmosphere make it worthwhile. I work in career services, but I wouldn’t really call it work. If you like the movie Office Space, you can definitely handle an on-campus job.

You know where to find me. Later on.

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