October 14, 2004

Hi everyone! Boy have I ever felt so tired! School is just becoming so hard that it’s not even funny. Then on top of that try to get your very first relationship started and somehow study for your Calculus 1 and Chemistry exams at the same time (let me tell you guys are big distractions, but ladies we can handle it, just put your foot down)! I am handling the pressure just fine. I have learned that you do need to take a break every once in a while before your head explodes! Plus you need to have some fun in college because it’s like a rule or something!

Let’s see…chemistry is my hardest class right now, I think it’s because it’s such a fast-paced class, but all of us EP students are working together to get it done! All my other classes are going great and I wouldn’t leave Embry-Riddle for anything…I always love a challenge! It makes you a stronger person in the end! Ok well I’ll give you all an update when I take all of these exams during the week! You all take care and I’ll talk to you soon! Adios mis amigos!


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