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Engineering Physics

**Age:** 19
**Hometown:** Reynoldsburg, OH
**Favorite Movie:** The Mask of Zorro
**Favorite Musical Genre:** Classical, jazz, R&B, mariachi, pretty much anything
**Career Goal:** To become the second African-American female to venture into space
**Interests:** Space Exploration, astronomy, Mexican culture

April 14, 2005

Hey everyone! Oh school is almost over for the semester and I am so excited! I am just ready to get outta here and just be at home with my family and make some much needed money to get a car amongst other things!

This semester has been one full of trials and tribulations for me…I have learned more and more that college is more than what you learn in the classroom, but is also what you learn about being on your own. I have learned how to teach some of my fellow peers chemistry to an extent in the chemsitry lab and I have enjoyed every moment of it. Mixing chemicals in the lab has also made me feel like a very important contribution to the labs and to better understand what the students are going to be doing each week…

As this year has been going on, I have figured out that maybe being in Engineering Physics is not the major for me…I am currently debating this for my own growth as a person…There have been so many days that I just don’t want to be in this major, not at all because of the difficulty, but because it is not enjoyable to me…

Last semester, chemistry was probably my hardest class, but I had enjoyed this class so much in high school that I had still worked through it…This semester I had done a little more soul searching to see if indeed I want to be doing physics and do some research all day for the next 30+ years or so…I came to a conclusion that I had just been in this major because they said that this would help me to become an astronaut! But if this stuff doesn’t seem to interest me anymore then I don’t know what to do.

Ok everyone I will keep you posted on what my situation is…I mean this is really tough because I had been wanting to come here since the 7th grade and now I feel like I just don’t think this is the right school for me anymore…Ok you all take care and I will talk to you all very soon!


March 31, 2005

Hey everyone! Wow…I was so glad that spring break finally came when it did! I so needed to get away from the stress that school was causing and to just clear my head from this place!

I went to Simsbury, Connecticut to meet Mike’s family! I had been excited since Mike and his family wanted to come up there and meet them! But I was nervous too; this was the first time that I had ever done this sort of thing before. Mike naturally calmed me down and I was ok after that.

The airplane ride was pretty good. The first thing I noticed was the snow! I was just not used to seeing snow at this time of year since I have been in Florida. There were rivers and lakes that were still frozen over and such, so I was still excited.

When we go off the plane I finally got to meet Mike’s mom and I gave her a hug! She was so nice. Mr. Krug was cool as well…We all went out for my ultimate favorite: hot fudge brownie sundae!!!!! And I tell you it was the best that I ever had! Mike and his parents took me on a tour of Simsbury and that was cool. It is like a quiet town and I loved that feeling of seclusion that you normally don’t feel in the city.

The next day I got to meet many people from Mike’s family…they were all so very nice and I felt at ease with all of them, as if I had known them for more than a day! I saw how happy Mike was to be at home and I hadn’t really seen him that happy in a while. It was a wonderful sight to see him with his brother and mom and dad. I knew that he missed them all and I was happy that he at least got to be there for a week…

My favorite part had to be when Mike took me on my hike to see this beautiful waterfall! I mean there was still some snow on this mountain that we were hiking down to get to, but after sliding and me freaking out for a bit, all was well! All the sliding was worth it in the end, because the waterfall was so very relaxing!!!!!

Well after being in Connecticut for a week, it was time to come back to Daytona. I was sad that I had to leave. I felt like if I could have had just one more week to just relax that would have been fine with me. But I was fortunate to have this week off to relax, seeing that in the Embry-Riddle past, there has only been like Good Friday and the Monday after Easter off, that’s it! So on Saturday we came back to me needing to complete all the assignments that I didn’t do! Got them mostly done by today, but still have some lab and humanities homework to still do!

I would like to thank again Mr. and Mrs. Krug and Zach for letting me come into their home and having the opportunity to get to know them and feed me wonderful food and giving me much love and comfort for the entire week! I cannot thank you enough for your hospitality! You guys all take care and I’ll be sure to take good care of your son for the remainder of the school year until he comes home again!

Ok everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful spring break and keep those grades up because crunch time is coming! Take care and I will talk to you all very soon!


March 17, 2005

Hey everyone! My goodness I just feel so unorganized…school, I swear hates me…I just cannot wait for Spring Break next week! I get to meet Mike’s parents in Connecticut. I am so excited to meet them and to have time away from school.

C-programming is just out to get me it seems…I look so lost in that class. Math on the other hand, I thought I got the material, yet I still did terrible on my last test, worse than the first one! Physics, one of these days I believe that I’ll have it…Sometimes I feel more discouraged than other days…I NEED THE BREAK!!!!!!!

Ok, so the chem lab has been going great…I finally understand what’s going on and I like being in there mixing the chemicals. I feel important, plus I learn more about chemistry with a little more hands on experience…

Ok everyone…I hope to have a more exciting update for next time! Take care and I will talk to you all very very soon! Bye-bye!


March 3, 2005

Hey everyone! Ok, well I mean life just cannot seem to get any crazier for me! I mean when you are trying to balance life that is going on back at home and then life here at school, you know it really starts to get hard. I had 2 exams this week in both Physics 1 and EGR 115 and I swear that I didn’t do too well on either of them. I am stressed out because I have seemed to forgotten what my goals are lately, or if they are even worth me going through the maybe next 4 years of schooling to get there. I know in my heart that I want to become an astronaut still, there just seems to be the fact that life is going on, besides the fact that I am striving for my dream. So in order to attack all of the self-doubt and whatnot, I joined the newly-developed Kendo club at the school.

Kendo is a form of Japanese sword fighting that uses a shinai(bamboo sword) to fight with. I am currently sore from the amount of swinging that we did in practice the other day, but I am so pumped to do well! Ever since I was younger I have wanted to take a form of martial arts (I mean, hey I was a BIG fan of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers so yeah, I had to learn something)! And now that this is a new club and I finally got enough courage to go, I did! Mike is in the club too, but he has more experience in sword fighting than I do, but maybe one day we’ll both be able to challenge one another to a fight!
I really hope that all goes well with Kendo. I knew that I would go absolutely crazy if I didn’t join a club that was very athletic-based because I needed to let my frustrations out. I am going to try to rank and get better so that I can compete in competitions next year! But now I am left with the dilemma of trying out for cheerleading or no….so we’ll have to wait and see….

Ok everyone, I honestly hope to have some better news for you all next time…you all take care and I will talk to you very soon!


February 17, 2005

Hey everyone! Oh love is in the air…well it was at least for Valentine’s Day. All I had on my mind was spending time with Mike on this “Day of Love!” You see it was my first time ever celebrating Valentine’s Day and having a boyfriend to celebrate with, so maybe I was a little more excited than most people on campus, but you know! Well needless to say it was a nice evening, short due to the fact that I still had some humanities homework to finish and such.

Well, I still hate programming…My goodness I cannot comprehend that class to save my life. I have gotten some help from Professor Kindy, but I still feel lost. No one seems to know what is going on in that class…Well we have a test coming up and a program due on Friday so I’ll have to probably meet with him again before it’s due. I really want to do well in this class; it honestly does look like fun,yet there is so much new lingo and such that I really do not understand…Anyways…I finally feel like I’m actually helping people in the PS 101 chemsitry lab that I help assist with Professor Coslow! I am so glad now that I am in there, because at first it was still new and I didn’t know what was going on. Now that I am in the swing of things it is all good!

Oh and to help keep me on track, my friend Rowena (an Engineering Physics Freshman) and I are going to meet 3 times a week to get our homework done (to stay away from the boyfriends that tend to distract us so much!)!!!! So far that has been going well and we hope that it continues to work!

All other classes seem to be going well. I am catching up on Physics, while the lab for that class is not too bad right now. Humanities is my favorite class, which is funny since it has nothing to do with math or science! Professor Barbie really makes you think and I mean I cannot wait to go to her class! Especially now that we have been talking about slavery and the Civil Rights Movement and such, I feel more connected with the class! Yeah that class is totally awesome!

Well that is basically it for now…You all take care and I’ll update you all very soon! Bye Bye!


February 3, 2005

Hey everyone…I must tell you that I am not in the best of moods…It seems like there is never enough time to get anything done. We have been back to school now for almost 3 weeks I think and, I mean, I feel like I am so behind. School has never been so hard before in my life! Yeah, I know college is supposed to be hard, but it seems like it is draining the life outta me!

Now that I am a Chem lab assistant, I have more responsibility. I love the hands-on experience that I get since I am behind the scenes. I finally get to help people and put my knowledge to practical use! I like mixing the chemicals the best since I feel like a real scientist or something. I mean not all of my days are bad…I still love coming here, I just feel like not doing anything anymore…

I hate EGR 115! I don’t hate my professor, I just hate the class! I hate computers and I am only using them because I have to. I mean I think I just hate the class because I don’t understand how to do anything. This is, in turn, putting my spirits down…I just get confused and everything and I plan on going to my professor’s office hours tomorrow when I have a lighter day…

Personal time is small nowadays…I decided that I will probably try out for cheerleading so that I may keep in shape! I need to do something that can take my mind off of school and homework for a while! Besides, I miss doing gymnastics and I think I could add some spirit and tumbling to the team! GO EAGLES!

Well that is all that I have for now…I need to go take a nap since I am about to fall over now! Talk to you all very soon! Take care! Adios!


January 20, 2005

Hey everyone, again! Well my first week back went pretty well! I mean it was so wonderful to see all of my friends and finally see Mike again! I mean I was so nervous to see him again that I didn’t even notice him at the airport (ok I had butterflies in my stomach and I wasn’t used to see him without his usual ROTC haircut!)! Well needless to say that he and I had a great day with one another without having to worry about school and homework and what not. My classes this semester aren’t too bad: physics with lab, intro to computer programming, calculus 2, and studies in humanities. I had dropped my graphical communications class because I didn’t want a heavy course load. So this semester I am only taking 14 credit hours.

Well I eased onto the swing of things this week and I plan on starting off on the right foot and not slack off. I believe that my calculus 2 class might give me some trouble but I plan on staying on top of things early! Ok I’ll let you all know how all of my classes are going after I have actually been in there for more than a couple of days! Talk to you all very very soon! Adios!


December 9, 2004

Hey everyone! Whoa I am so excited that everyone is back from Thanksgiving Break! I was left here at school in like a totally deserted hall and it was so lonely. My boyfriend Mike went home to Connecticut and I missed him very very much! He called me every day and checked up on me. I remember just beginning to cry on the phone, not just because I missed him, but how much I truly valued every second that I would spend with him. I mean I would get excited everytime he would call me on the phone!

My friend Melinda who lives down the hall from me was one of the people that stayed here. She and I had hung out a lot during that time and just got to know one another even more. We worked on homework together and watched T.V. Basically we just enjoyed the quietness of the hall. Melinda went home for Thanksgiving day and I ate dinner by myself (which the Turkey Dinner in the cafeteria was so awesome that I haven’t gotten that full on such a great home-cooked meal like that in a while), but she came back the next day so it was all good!

Well even though I didn’t get all my homework done, I did get slightly caught up on my work. I don’t have too much to do, but I think I am just ready for finals to get here and be over with!

When everyone got back, my friend Tamara who also lives down the hall from me had a big Turkey Dinner for all of us in the hall. Her mother had supplied us with some turkey, sweet potatoes, and rum cake that all tasted really good and I especially appreciated it because in the end I got to spend Thanksgiving with my friends after all!

Mike said next year that I am going to Connecticut with him and yeah I surely am! There is no way I am staying here in the dorms all by myself ever again!

Ok, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Holiday and I will talk to you all very very soon! Adios!

November 25, 2004

Hey everyone! Well this has yet again been a crazy time for me! School is just crazy. Sometimes I feel like I just want to just say I quit. I mean I love it here at Embry-Riddle. I love the fact that I get to wake up every morning and realize that I am here at the school instead of being back in Ohio. I mean around now I am starting to somewhat miss home. There are just so many things that are going on right now back at home that it seems like I should be there helping.

I have talked to my friends less now since I have been so busy with school work. I miss them so much because they understand me and just know how I am. But I really love my new friends here at Embry-Riddle. They are now like my first family here and I love being around them. I mean some of my friends here seem like I have known them since like elementary school because I know them so well!

Like I said the work is becoming a bit much. I came to college with the mindset of doing well, yet still having a social life. It seems really hard now to balance the two with the homework and tests piling up. All I need to do is make it through this week and I can finally relax. I will more than likely be here for Thanksgiving Break doing make up homework and studying for exams. I have learned now to not wait until the last minute to finish things that need to be completed…I also know that I want to make Exam Week as simple as possible! Wish me luck everyone and have a great Thanksgiving Holiday! Talk to you all soon! ‘Adios!’

November 11, 2004

Hey everyone! Well unlike so many people who went to the homecoming festivities over the weekend, I was sleeping! Lately I have been feeling so tired that all I can do is sleep. I did get to see the new Disney/Pixar movie The Incredibles and that was the highlight of my weekend (that and the hot fudge brownie sundae that I had afterwards).

On Thursday night I went to Cape Canaveral to see the next rocket launch go off at around 12:45. Mike, Brian from my floor and a few other guys all rushed to get to the rocket launch on time. We got there with like 2 minutes to spare and then the rocket like never went off! We waited there for like another half hour or so and found out that the launch had been cancelled! I was crushed out of everyone because I haven’t been to the Kennedy Space Center Area since I was 9 so I was really looking forward to it! Well I know that there will be others…

Oh there was the annual career fair at the school this past week! I went with some people from my EP 101 class, and the only booth that interested me was of the United Space Alliance. They are the major contractors for NASA. We passed by their building on the way to see the rocket launch. I told Mike and Brian that this is where I am going to be working soon! I have to be at least a sophomore to a junior I think in order to get a CO-OP. But after talking to the people at the booth, it had hit me that I am just another step closer to becoming an astronaut!

As for school, it’s going well. Just recently took a chemistry exam and I am feeling more confident about how I did this time! All my other classes are just running smoothly right now and nothing is becoming too overwhelming at the present moment! Ok well I’ll keep you all updated on how I am doing and I will talk to you all soon! Bye!