November 11, 2004

Hello, I would like to start off this week by congratulating the Women’s Soccer team of ERAU for winning the Regional final. I missed the game itself because we were traveling back from our own game, but by all accounts it was a great performance. All being well we can replicate their achievement next week in our own Regional finals here at Riddle. We finished off the conference with a 2-0 win over Savannah, with a less than convincing performance.

Going off sport for a bit, I hope everyone had a good Halloween. After our game the majority of the team got dressed in costume and went to the frat party, me and one of the lads went as Scooby Doo and Shaggy, (we got them last minute and they were the only ones left). Usually I am not very keen on Fancy Dress but by the time it came around to putting it on I already had a few drinks, so I didn’t really care what I looked like. It turned out to be another good night, some great costumes. Although I did spend most of the night taking care of someone who had a few too many, and I wouldn’t like to mention any names but if you see anyone walking around campus with no eyebrows at all you will know who I am talking about. I regretted it a lot on Sunday morning when I had to hand out candy to kids all day for the events put on by the college, in the student village and around Doolittle.

I went to my first basketball game on Friday when Riddle won their season opener against Linden State pretty convincingly. I’m not sure about the standards of basketball here but it looked a bit easy for them, although after talking to one of the lads off the team last night, he said it will get a lot harder than Friday’s game. The Pre-game entertainment and the player’s introductions before the game were pretty good, not to mention the big crowd. It’s pretty obvious to see that soccer hasn’t really taken off in the U.S. yet and may never be able to compete with the likes of American Football, Baseball, and Basketball. This is plain to see if you have gone to a game of soccer and a game of basketball at Embry Riddle. Women’s soccer is an exception of course, but I think there is an ulterior motive behind a lot of the crowd that attend the women’s soccer games considering that this is a predominantly male college.

I picked my classes for next semester on Friday and I will be glad not to have to start at 8 and 8:15 every day after Christmas. I put the majority of my classes on Tuesday/Thursday to give myself a long weekend. I’m looking forward to next semester, not as much training as our spring season is less hectic, and more time to do a few different things, like kick boxing or something.

Anyway apart from that everything else is quiet so will speak to you all again in 2 weeks, hopefully as a Regional champion. I hope that a few of you can make it. Take care.

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