November 11, 2004

Hey out there! How are you all? I’m ok. School’s wearing down on me. Staying up late nights doing physics homework that looks as though it’s never getting done. Or maybe it’s writing those lovely Java programs that of course just want to keep having errors. No matter how much gets done, there is still a load of junk left to do. I like the good old days of High School. There was a little bit of homework, and a lot of time to socialize. Those were the good old days.

Man, it has started getting “cold” here. When I went back home to TN a few weeks ago it was mid 50’s in the middle of the day (ewww). When you’re used to that kind of weather it’s no big deal. But when you’ve been in Florida since last May you kinda get used to much, much warmer weather. We just had a cold front come through and our low temps are in the lower 60’s / upper 50’s with daytime temps in the upper 70’s to mid 80’s. During the day it’s nice, but those volleyball games at night can kinda get chilly when you’re ready to go home.

It’s homecoming time around Riddle. There’s all kinds of things to do. Comedy shows with some people from “Whose Line is it Anyway,” parades, parties, movies (well, those are every week), and lots of other stuff. What all did I do you might ask? Well, none of it really. I went to Orlando and chilled with the Walt Disney World College Program. It’s always fun at the happiest place on earth. “Have a Magical Day!” (I said that a lot when I worked there). I still have some complementary passes to Disney (park hoppers) and I think I’m going to go on Wednesday and check out the Epcot: International Food and Wine Festival. Well, at least the food part of it 🙂 Plus, you always have to go to Magic Kingdom and Disney/MGM Studios. I miss working in hospitality/tourism. It’s a lot of fun. I didn’t think it would be before I worked there, but it really is.

Anyways (I got off on a side tangent). The semester is coming down towards the end. We still have quite a while to go, but all the teachers are already starting to talk about what is going to be on the final exams and what we should do to prepare for them. I don’t like the sound of that. Not too fun if you ask me. I don’t enjoy finals, but it’s a necessary evil. I’ve noticed that teachers here seem to give like one, maybe two tests during the semester which is just wrong. On the outside this may seem like a good idea. But when implemented, it is really bad because if you don’t do too well on one test you are pretty much screwed when it comes to your grade. The finals are of course harder so there’s a pretty good chance there that they will lower your grade even more. Also, registration for classes for spring has started. That’ll be loads of fun to try to figure out what to take. BOooo! OH well. What can I say? Later!

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