November 25, 2004

Hey guys!!! How’s it going out there in Journal land? Well, it’s that time of year again. Thanksgiving time. Time for turkey and sleep (you know that’s all you’re going to do, hehe). We’re all finishing up some work before we go on break. Not that we aren’t going to have anything to do over break, because I have two fairly decent projects and LOTS of homework. I’m not kidding, hours upon hours of homework. Maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad if we didn’t have those blasted hurricanes to begin the semester with. But, then again it probably would be just as bad, haha. We’ve all been registering for classes also. I always feel like the semester is a long way from being over until you have to register for the next semester, then you know there’s not much more left. It’s definitely a good feeling.

Well we only have a little less than a month left of classes. Which means it’s that last push for the end. There’s plenty of stuff to do around here, that’s for sure. I’m looking forward to next semester. I’ve only been in Florida during spring semester months once for Spring Break. I’m hoping that it stays warm here in Daytona. It has been about 75-80 during the days and chilly, 50-60, at night. Kinda stinks because when you’re out late you don’t want to have to wear a jacket, but it’s a good idea. I am so not used to being in FL still. I keep thinking, it’s late November, it should be a lot colder than this. Where are the 30 degree mornings?? Where are the leaves blowing around on the roadways?? Tennessee is very different. I’m staying in Daytona for Thanksgiving, but at least I’ll get that good ole feeling of wintertime back in Knoxville when I go home for Christmas. My friends and I haven’t been doing much around here. Once it gets too cold to go to the beach, we can’t find a whole lot to do that doesn’t take money. After all, we’re all broke college students. I blame the tuition! But, ERAU is pretty much the best place to get a high paying job from, and after all, isn’t that why we’re going to college anyways?! Anyways guys, I’m outta here for now. I’ll talk to you all before Christmas. Later folks.

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