December 9, 2004

Hello Readers, hope things are going well. This has been, by far, my laziest two weeks at Embry Riddle since I got here, four months ago. I don’t know what it can be; it seems like the more I sleep the more tired I get. I have not done a tap of work in a fortnight. I thought that after the soccer season finished I would have an abundance of energy to carry me through my finals. It has turned out to be the opposite. I have absolutely no desire to do anything but sleep.

I think that the more pressure I am under, the better I work. Knowing that I have not got training after classes every day, I assume I have an age to every task set by a lecturer, and then I leave it until the last minute. Where as, when I had only a couple of hours to spare per night for homework and stuff, and I had been working all day I did not mind putting in another few hours of high quality work. I suppose it has a lot to do with the frame of mind you are in. For instance I sat in front of the computer last week for seriously, three hours, and I managed a mere paragraph. Partially it had to do with some time spent on emails, of course the compulsory food and drinks breaks, time spent sorting out the most trivial things, and then there is always someone to talk to, but mostly it was down to pure unadulterated laziness. As long as I get through these next few weeks and I can keep the grades that I have at the minute I will go home to Ireland at Christmas a happy man.

I went out on Friday to Coyote’s for the free drink from nine to ten but didn’t hang about for long, went on to Mai Tai’s after that. A quiet enough night by all accounts but I have a feeling that there are a few big nights coming up, to celebrate the end of the semester. A lot of lads off the team are heading home to do internships next semester so it might be the best part of a year before we see them again, so it is a worthy reason for a few beers.

I haven’t been on a night out where we have ventured further than Mai Tai’s, Coyote’s, or Razzles’ (which I vowed never to go back to again) and would appreciate if someone could tell me if there is any good spots to frequent in the Daytona area. A few lads went to Orlando on Saturday night past and apparently had their best night of the year, which I feel proves my point about the lack of night life in Daytona Beach. I find this very surprising as it is not at all what I expected, as a foreigner here for the first time. I am not mad about going clubbing or anything like that, but all I want is a nice bar to have a few drinks in a nice atmosphere. I don’t think that this is too much to ask, from a place which has a worldwide reputation for good night life, or so I thought.

I think that this is my penultimate entry and I hope that for the last one that I will have some eventful nights to tell you all about, but until then, good bye for now.

P.S. If I could just say hello to Elisabeth, Ursula, Big Phil and E.D.

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