December 9, 2004

Hello again. How is everyone? (I ask as if anyone would let me know, haha). Anyways, Thanksgiving came and passed. I stayed down here like most everyone else. My parents made the near 700 mile trip down here and chilled at my apartment for the holiday. We didn’t do a whole lot. After all, it’s still a small town atmosphere here. I haven’t done anything this past week really. I finally got cable service in my apartment so I just sat around. Monday I’m going to Disney. More than likely we will go to EPCOT, but we’ve got hopper passes that are good for all four parks, so we’ll see. Another good thing about going to school in Florida, you’re automatically considered a Florida resident. This gives you great discounts to lots of places, including the theme parks. So anyways, we’ll check out the Christmas scenes over there and of course have fun doing it.

On the home front I have to have maintenance come and fix the water in my apartment. All the faucets are backwards and the toilet flushes hot water!??!? Crazy huh?! And before you ask how I know that it uses hot water, I’ll just let you know that sometimes it steams after you flush it!! It cracks me up. That’s for sure. Man! Finals, booo. Anyways, I’ve got three finals on Monday the 13th and one on the 16th. Isn’t that always fun. At least the final I have on the 16th is my hardest class, so I’ll have a few days to study for that one. It is kinda crazy that the semester is almost over. It doesn’t feel like a full semester, I guess those hurricanes just screw everything up. Well, I am off to go cruise around. It’s one thing to do when there is nothing else to do. See you guys later.

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