December 9, 2004

7th Inning Stretch! Well gang, semester’s up. It’s easy to say that this upcoming break is more than welcome. I know on my side I’m eager to see home again; it’s been two years now since I’ve been back west. After spending Thanksgiving some 400 miles from here and seeing the effects of that brief intermission, winter should definitely bring about a good chance to refocus and remind myself of my few, though important priorities.

This is the last week for classes, and the stress is beginning to show in many of them. My Aeronautics Basics class is really beginning to cram in the last bits of lesson that it can. Flight Physiology is likewise squeezing in a third exam this week, just before finals – though that’s mostly because most of the other students need the points. Most all of my classes had some sort of project due within the past week, including presentations and research projects. I was able to knock out those quite easily thanks in part to my old political science studies.

On the NROTC front, the Battalion just finished their physical examinations for the semester and I, because of my bum knee (an academic injury, oddly enough), will get to run out the last bits of stability in it on Wednesday during the make-up run. We’ve also been preparing for our semester award ceremony, where I hope to earn ribbons recognizing my participation in color guard, drill team, and community service. Some of my friends secured awards for physical fitness achievement, academic achievement, and even an exemplary overall service award. I’ve also started a self-devised project that will catalogue the leadership of the Unit for future reference and, more importantly, will give current midshipmen the opportunity to learn about their current seniors and possibly be able to draw some connection with them because of it. The idea came from my former AFROTC Detachment at CSU/UNC. My associates and I have merely expanded the task.

Otherwise, things are just in their usual wind-down phase, with added focus on moving out of my room into another hall. Some buddies of mine and I are working on fitting a room together for next semester in order to relieve us all of certain roommate headaches and aid in our NROTC efforts, since we’re all working on the aforementioned project and some other postulated projects together. Not too sure what all to throw in here. I know there’s been some mention about people wanting more “personal life” in this, so I again invite you to write personally for such questions or even if there’s anything you care to know over the break. And, to the friend of my friend at Colorado School of Mines, that means you too J!

Have a grand winter vacation everyone. Enjoy the snow, those of you who have it. I know I will!

Onwards and upwards, David

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