December 9, 2004

Hey everyone! Whoa I am so excited that everyone is back from Thanksgiving Break! I was left here at school in like a totally deserted hall and it was so lonely. My boyfriend Mike went home to Connecticut and I missed him very very much! He called me every day and checked up on me. I remember just beginning to cry on the phone, not just because I missed him, but how much I truly valued every second that I would spend with him. I mean I would get excited everytime he would call me on the phone!

My friend Melinda who lives down the hall from me was one of the people that stayed here. She and I had hung out a lot during that time and just got to know one another even more. We worked on homework together and watched T.V. Basically we just enjoyed the quietness of the hall. Melinda went home for Thanksgiving day and I ate dinner by myself (which the Turkey Dinner in the cafeteria was so awesome that I haven’t gotten that full on such a great home-cooked meal like that in a while), but she came back the next day so it was all good!

Well even though I didn’t get all my homework done, I did get slightly caught up on my work. I don’t have too much to do, but I think I am just ready for finals to get here and be over with!

When everyone got back, my friend Tamara who also lives down the hall from me had a big Turkey Dinner for all of us in the hall. Her mother had supplied us with some turkey, sweet potatoes, and rum cake that all tasted really good and I especially appreciated it because in the end I got to spend Thanksgiving with my friends after all!

Mike said next year that I am going to Connecticut with him and yeah I surely am! There is no way I am staying here in the dorms all by myself ever again!

Ok, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Holiday and I will talk to you all very very soon! Adios!

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