January 20, 2005

Hello everybody!! How’s it going? It’s pretty good on this side. School’s starting again. BOOO, haha. Seriously, school starting is always good. They made some minor aesthetic improvements to campus. They’ve been working on putting some trees and bushes in around the place to spruce it up a bit. They apparently re-did the cafeteria, but I haven’t seen it yet so I don’t know what all was done for sure.

Well, let me tell you what all I did during my break. Not much, just a good ole time here and there. The day after finals last semester I packed up my stuff and I took a week off back home in Tennessee. One problem, it was WAY cold, and it started to SNOW!!! Snow is no vacation, but I got to see the family and hang out with my friends, so it was all good.

Then I came back down to Daytona for Christmas and everything. That was fun. It was the first time I’ve ever worn shorts and a t-shirt on Christmas Day! Gotta love Florida.

Then just the other day I took a little short vacation to Manhattan. It was my first time to NYC, so it was an experience, let me tell ya. One of the best times ever, it’s so much fun around New York. Lastly I came back to Daytona once again and started class just a couple days ago.

Daytona doesn’t have much going on right now, but one of my favorite races is coming to the speedway; The Rolex 24 at Daytona. It’s a 24-hour endurance race with some of the greatest drivers in the world for those who don’t know. This isn’t NASCAR; these guys actually make turns. Anyways, you can hear them testing at the track from campus. Two days ago it sounded like either the Corvette C5-R’s or the Saleen S7-R’s out running. Whatever it was, it had a V-8. Today it sounded like a prototype car, maybe the Championship Team Audi or Bentley or something like it. Anyways, that’s coming in early February, so I’m going to that for SURE! Catch ya’ll later.


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