January 20, 2005

Finally, I am a student journal writer. Hurray!! Until today I was just reading these journals, but now I will be writing too. And it happened in a great fashion. She (supervisor) wrote me in the morning and asked a few question. I replied back with all the answer, not really expecting to get in. By the way, the name of my supervisor is Jill Meridith, a lovely lady with warm personality. I had some chore to be taken care of at undergraduate admissions office and I was waiting there for my turn when a lady asked me if she can help me. Her name was Jill Meridith; I saw that on her name tag. Later I realized that she was Jill Meridith, the lady who I was supposed to see for journal writing thing. So I went to see her in her office and that’s it. Everything happened so fast that I didn’t realize and now that I have it feels great.

My name is Manan Vyas. I am from Clifton, New Jersey but originally, I am from India. As we all know Embry-Riddle is ranked #1 for its Aerospace Engineering program, so that’s how I ended by being here. I turned in my application in September last year, got accepted and was ready to (impatient) move down to Daytona Beach.


I arrived to Daytona Beach on 10th of this month; I had never before visited here, so things were very new to me. But it all came good. Everyone on campus is very friendly and specially the administrative staff. I attended the student orientation and I recommend it for every incoming student. It was simply great. We went back to our dorms at around 6:00 pm after which I organized my room. Later that evening I made a lot of friends in my dorm and not to my surprise we went to sleep at 2:00 in the morning.


I went for Air force ROTC meeting, as I am interested in serving Air Force after I graduate but due to some technicalities I will have to wait till next fall to join ROTC. Later that day we were helped to pick our classes by academic advisors and the process went smooth. I am taking EGR 115 (programming class), EGR 120 (graphical representation class), ES 201 (statics), COM 221 (technical writing), and SS 325 (studies of Eastern Europe). Then later that day I made other new friends and we all went to eat together.

Day-3 and afterwards

Things are getting better every day. Now I know quite a lot people around here and in this short period we went out to eat at Hooters, Olive Gardens, a pizza place, went to mall, and went to Orlando. And believe me or not we have a group of 14 people now and we always hang out together. Its pure fun!!

A week and a half has passed since the school started so there is not much covered in class, but things are catching up fast. Professors are really good and always ready to help. So this was it for now and I will keep you all posted with future development. If you have questions, mail it to vyas85a@erau.edu.


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