January 20, 2005

Alright everyone, hope you all had a good Christmas break. I am at home in Ireland at the minute. The weather is terrible, but that only makes it feel more like home. It is great to be back and to have all of my exams over so I can relax and take it easy for the month.

Since getting home on the 18th, I can safely say that I have been on the beer more than a few times. Went to my first ever concert during the week in the RDS, which is a big concert venue in Dublin. My girlfriend took me to see the Scissor Sisters, who are a pretty well known band here although not many Americans I have talked to have heard of them, which I find strange enough considering they are an American band.

I have also had a few nights out with my mates who have all been asking if college in the states is like American Pie. I told them that it may be in some colleges, but it’s definitely not at Riddle. I have realized how much smaller things are back here at home compared to America, cars, roads, shopping centers, houses, everything is a lot smaller. Not necessarily any worse but just smaller. Anyway, I am heading out again tonight to club 92, but I am off down to the local for a few pints of Guinness before then, so I will get back to this later. Sorry, (I am back in Florida) I meant to get back sooner but it was pretty hectic at home. I had a lot of visiting and partying to do. I thought when I got home that quite a lot might have changed but everything was just as it was before I left. All except that the family pub had been sold. It had been in the Davey name for the past 53 years. It was weird to see it and to think that it did not belong to my uncle anymore.

I just got back on Tuesday night before college and got through the week unscathed. It was not the toughest week at Riddle, most of the classes just gave out schedules and a brief class description. A few of my mates from back home have come over to stay in Kissimmee, just on the other side of Orlando, so I am down there at the minute. It is pretty nice down here but a bit quiet, more like a retirement spot. It’s a great house that they are staying in, it has everything, pool, table tennis, pool table, Jacuzzi, etc., so we have had loads to keep us occupied!

I’m not looking forward to next week at college because I have a feeling that it will be harder than last, and I am well used to doing nothing by this stage. I got a handy MWF this semester; I don’t start until 11:45am, which is a welcome change from 8:00am starts five days a week last semester, four classes on Tuesday and Thursday though. I took the one credit PE class that was being offered, so I am hoping that it will split my Tuesday and Thursday classes up and the days will not seem as long.

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