January 20, 2005

Hey everyone, again! Well my first week back went pretty well! I mean it was so wonderful to see all of my friends and finally see Mike again! I mean I was so nervous to see him again that I didn’t even notice him at the airport (ok I had butterflies in my stomach and I wasn’t used to see him without his usual ROTC haircut!)! Well needless to say that he and I had a great day with one another without having to worry about school and homework and what not. My classes this semester aren’t too bad: physics with lab, intro to computer programming, calculus 2, and studies in humanities. I had dropped my graphical communications class because I didn’t want a heavy course load. So this semester I am only taking 14 credit hours.

Well I eased onto the swing of things this week and I plan on starting off on the right foot and not slack off. I believe that my calculus 2 class might give me some trouble but I plan on staying on top of things early! Ok I’ll let you all know how all of my classes are going after I have actually been in there for more than a couple of days! Talk to you all very very soon! Adios!


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