March 3, 2005

Hello everyone – I hope everyone is doing great!!

So let me start with my new laptop, I just got it today. I am so happy. I had placed my order with Dell on Jan. 28, and I got it today – its quite late but I got it for a great price. Initially I was mad with them, but today when I saw my laptop, I forgot all about it. I am happy I wont have to run to 24 hour lab any more.

School is coming along great. While picking the classes for this semester I avoided those classes in which I have to write papers or some kind of projects, but to my surprise I have to do it in three of my classes out of five. Aahhh well……..

Let me explain what I am doing in those papers, for SS 325 (Eastern Europe) I am writing a research paper on Islamic Terrorism in Bosnia and Chechnya, I will have to focus on different aspects and factors leading to terrorism in the Eastern European area. The most important is the involvement of Al-Qaeda and their supporters working hard to exploit the youth of these two regions by misleading them.

In my COM 221 class, I am (my group) writing a technical report on the feasibility of laser propelled space travel. The problem our scientific community faces today is research and development of economic and fuel efficient technology which will grant us a permanent access to space. We have a way, the rocket propelled by fuel, which is highly expensive and not fuel efficient so the researchers are at work in developing these giant elevators which will make the travel from the Earth to space simple. These elevators are powered by high intensity lasers. Interesting right?!

And I am really looking forward to this one because we are working in a group of four persons, and each one of us will examine the feasibility of this new idea with respect to economic, environmental, technological and safety aspects. The project is really interesting because each person in the group has his/her own role; like editor, second editor, secretary, research manager and public relations manager. I am feeling like I am a professional doing an actual research.

The last but not the least is my C programming project where we are designing an actual program which we will use in the future, hopefully. I had my first exam for C programming today and I was up early-early morning preparing for it. I think I did ok in it. Last week I had my Static exam and I did great on it, got an “A.”

The spring break is just around the corner and I can’t wait for it. Officially we will have a week of spring break but unofficially eight (8) weeks, as schools from all around the country comes down for their breaks one after another, Riddleians will enjoy it all. How about you guys???

Leaving you all with that thought…peace.


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