March 3, 2005

Hello again. It has come to my attention that many people are beginning to think and make their final decisions as to where they will be going to college. I have received many e-mails asking many questions and I am actually having problems staying caught up. Keep on sending them, but if there is a delay, be patient, I will reply as soon as possible.

Well, not much has changed since my last time writing a journal. The weather here in the Daytona area has really deteriorated and has led to my flight activities being cancelled for about the last week and a half. I did pass my Private Pilot written exam this last Friday! I missed a perfect 100% score by one question. I was laughing at the one I had gotten wrong because it was one that I was very familiar with. It was a V speed question, which for most people would have been easy, but I guess I just got confused. Oh well, I passed and the studying for weeks was well worth it. About four more flights remain until I can take my check ride. So hopefully, by my next journal, I will have my Private Pilot license!

As for Academics and other stuff, everything is still going well. After the Daytona 500, it got quiet around here. It was kind of crazy to see so much going on so close by Riddle. It was fun to watch the 500, I saw it on TV. My favorite driver won the Daytona 500, Jeff Gordon! I really don’t follow NASCAR that much, but I do know most of the drivers and their cars. Gordon has been my favorite since I started watching NASCAR. It’s fun to see the high speed crashes, especially from the “Dash Cams.” Spring Break should be coming in soon; that will be quite interesting.

Well, I know many of you are in the midst of making your decision as to where to go to college, if I can assist you in any way, feel free to leave a message on the message board.


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