March 17, 2005

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing great! So, where should I start…uummm?

Alright, last night (3/13) I went to a concert at the House of Blues, Orlando. It was my friends and I and let me tell you we had a blast. It was Strata, Future Leaders of World, Crossfade, Helmet and Chevelle. They all were good but Crossfade was one of the best and Chevelle was simply amazing. To give you all the basic idea; at the end of the concert I was soaking wet from head to toe, just think about the kind of fun we had.

Since I don’t have a car we hired one from those cheap rental places and we were on road at around three. We got there in approximately one hour and after a long wait in the line the show started at around six, by the time we got out it was midnight. Chevelle was the last one to play and he rocked the place.

The day before (3/12), I went skydiving with the club called AIAA, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, usually it costs $ 169 but because I was a member of AIAA it cost me $ 90. This is for everyone, try it, it is very addicting. The feeling of falling 110 miles/hour is amazing. We jumped from 13,000 feet and we were down on the ground in less than six minutes; the free fall for first minute was just breathtaking. Even though I was really nervous about the whole thing, I think I will do the course and get my license.

And the day before (3/11, the Friday of the bike week), my friends and I went to check out bikes. The atmosphere in the downtown was simply amazing; bikes were lined up on the both curbs, open bars, clubs were packed. It was girls and bikes everywhere. Bikers came from all over the country and they put on a good show.

On the school front I have three tests this week, one on Thursday (EGR 120) and two on Friday (ES 201 & SS 325). It is rough but in a way it is nice, I will be able to enjoy the spring break to its full content. Although I am doing really well in all my class, the EGR 115, C programming class is giving me some trouble but I know that if I spent some time reading then I will get it surely.

EGR 120 class is getting really interesting as we are learning more new techniques to make our engineering drawings precise. The key to that class is a skill of visualizing objects in a definitive manner. In yesterday’s class our teacher had brought in a blue print of a rocket and I was amazed with the precise graphical design (blue print); it was scaled to fit on one sheet but every single detail was taken in account while making that blue print.

The spring break starts at the end of this week, most of my friends are going out but some of us are staying back. I can’t comprehend the fact that people come to Daytona Beach from all over the country for spring break and some ‘Riddleians’ leave Daytona for spring break. I just can’t get it. But before the break starts I have to make sure that I do well in my three exams…so with that hope. I will write back later; you all have a wonderful spring break.


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