March 17, 2005

Hey! It’s journal time again, hehe. Well, let’s see what all has happened around here the past few days. First of all, BIKE WEEK! Ahhhh (That’s all I can say). Loud motorcycles zooming all over the place all crazy like. Thankfully it’s over now, but man they were insane this past week or so. I don’t mind the fact that they are motorcycles; it’s just that they are so DANG LOUD. Never mind trying to go anywhere north or east of Riddle. You pretty much are confined by traffic to South Daytona or Port Orange to actually get anything done. Riddle seemed to be the borderline between the motorcycles and the rest of the world. So that all happened, plus my parents came down for a couple days. We went to check out the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse. Let me tell ya. If anyone tries to get you to go up that blasted lighthouse, FORGET IT! 200+ spiraling steps that go 175 feet up I think. It’s not the height or anything that’s the problem. It’s the fact that the steps go nearly straight up, which is a pain in the butt when you try to go back down. Better start working out if you ever plan on going up that thing.

It’s starting to warm up again and get all up in the 80’s. But, it’s almost spring so it had better get warmer. Other than that, there’s not much going on this week. Spring Break is pretty close, can’t wait. It’s gonna be nothing but sitting around here watching tv. Loads of fun. Anyways, I’ll check yall later.

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