March 31, 2005

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great spring break! I did too, but the weather didn’t work along with me I guess.

When the break started most of my friends left for back home and only a couple of us were left here, but that didn’t bring me down. Friday night we went to watch the movie Hostage, great movie. Bruce Willis was great performing as a hostage negotiator and later on, police chief. Thumbs up for Bruce Willis!!

Later in the week we went to beach, and it was great. A1A was overflowing with people and it was easy to spot spring breakers. I think hanging out with friends on A1A is the best thing to do during spring break. It was more like Mardi Grass kind of atmosphere and slow traffic moving along A1A and other stuff you all know what I mean. Once we went there in the evening and stayed there till two in the morning, it was simply amazing, actually it was more fun because for some reason A1A comes to life late night. There is a lot to do – especially in spring break, make new friends, go to the beach, go to clubs and much more. I didn’t get a chance to go to the beach a lot because of muggy weather later in the week. But that’s fine I will make it up in summer. Oh I watched the movie BE COOL, and I am sad to say it but I wasted my six dollars.

Back to school – The school is almost coming to an end now, one more month and then I will be free for only a week until the summer A starts. I have a long year to go until Christmas. From fall I will be taking my engineering level classes, commonly known as AE-level courses and I am so glad that I will be done with all of the prerequisite courses and then ready to dive into actual engineering science. I am desperately waiting for it because that is the stuff that interests me more. I have heard it from some seniors that the labs for engineering science are awesome and I am really looking forward to it, especially wind tunnel lab, in other universities one can see those lab in graduate studies, but at Riddle, I will be able to have hands on experience during undergraduate studies.

The elections for Indian Student Association, YUVA are next week and I am running for treasurer. I am suppose to give a speech but at this point I have not prepared anything and to be honest I don’t believe in preparing speeches for any kind of election. God knows if I will win or not, YUVA really needs some good executive board members if not then the chances are the club will close soon.

Right now, it’s 2:12 am on Monday the 28th and I have to get up at 7 to attend my EGR 115 class so I better get going. For those who have some questions and wondering how to contact me, my email is and you can also buzz me on AIM at m100584m.

So until next time, chillax!! (chill + relax)


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