April 7, 2005

Hello Everyone-Craziness that’s about all I can say regarding the last two weeks.

To start off I had a great birthday. I went out to eat and got a lot of cards in the mail from my family. It was a little weird not being with them for the first time on a big occasion like that, but I still had a great time. My friends at school are wonderful and they definitely helped to make this birthday special.

I also had test overload that week. “When it rains it pours” has never held a truer meaning for me than this past year. Every time I have one test, it seems I have at least three. Thankfully, they were all on different days which gave me a little less stress over studying. With spring break the following week, everyone was trying to get all the material covered and tested before we had a week off to forget it all. I counted my blessings because I haven’t had to study over the break; some of my friends have three tests this coming week.

Spring break was wonderful; I stayed in Daytona Beach all but one day when I drove to Winter Haven, FL to visit my roommate from last semester, Crystal. I mainly worked over the break because we didn’t really have nice weather. Granted it’s warmer than Michigan would have been had I gone home, but it wasn’t really ‘lay out on the beach all day’ weather. My roommate Julee’s sister and best friend came down for the week as well, so we hung out with them in the evenings and tried to show them the sights of Daytona Beach.

At work I was able to spend a lot of time in the phone room as well as go over to campus visit to help with the “masses” that came to tour our campus, I answered phones and gave tours. There were so many people here it was overwhelming at times. I think some of the tour groups were so large that they lasted twice as long as a normal tour would have. And we were understaffed because most of the students we work with left for Spring Break. At least now I have a little extra spending money.

On Saturday I drove to Winter Haven with Ben to go see Crystal, and learned how to water ski! I really didn’t want to learn, but I’m so glad I did (thanks for forcing me Crystal). I was able to get up on every attempt and stayed up for about 5 minutes my last time. We also hung out at the pool and just caught up on each others lives. I really miss her, but love my new roommate.

Easter was fun as well, although not traditional- we went to the beach after church. What else is there to do when you’re away from your family and they’re all eating good food, and it’s a beautiful day in Florida???

Anyways, hope your Easter was Blessed, I guess it’s back to school for me tomorrow.

Until Next Time, Happy Landings!

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