March 31, 2005

Hey everyone! Wow…I was so glad that spring break finally came when it did! I so needed to get away from the stress that school was causing and to just clear my head from this place!

I went to Simsbury, Connecticut to meet Mike’s family! I had been excited since Mike and his family wanted to come up there and meet them! But I was nervous too; this was the first time that I had ever done this sort of thing before. Mike naturally calmed me down and I was ok after that.

The airplane ride was pretty good. The first thing I noticed was the snow! I was just not used to seeing snow at this time of year since I have been in Florida. There were rivers and lakes that were still frozen over and such, so I was still excited.

When we go off the plane I finally got to meet Mike’s mom and I gave her a hug! She was so nice. Mr. Krug was cool as well…We all went out for my ultimate favorite: hot fudge brownie sundae!!!!! And I tell you it was the best that I ever had! Mike and his parents took me on a tour of Simsbury and that was cool. It is like a quiet town and I loved that feeling of seclusion that you normally don’t feel in the city.

The next day I got to meet many people from Mike’s family…they were all so very nice and I felt at ease with all of them, as if I had known them for more than a day! I saw how happy Mike was to be at home and I hadn’t really seen him that happy in a while. It was a wonderful sight to see him with his brother and mom and dad. I knew that he missed them all and I was happy that he at least got to be there for a week…

My favorite part had to be when Mike took me on my hike to see this beautiful waterfall! I mean there was still some snow on this mountain that we were hiking down to get to, but after sliding and me freaking out for a bit, all was well! All the sliding was worth it in the end, because the waterfall was so very relaxing!!!!!

Well after being in Connecticut for a week, it was time to come back to Daytona. I was sad that I had to leave. I felt like if I could have had just one more week to just relax that would have been fine with me. But I was fortunate to have this week off to relax, seeing that in the Embry-Riddle past, there has only been like Good Friday and the Monday after Easter off, that’s it! So on Saturday we came back to me needing to complete all the assignments that I didn’t do! Got them mostly done by today, but still have some lab and humanities homework to still do!

I would like to thank again Mr. and Mrs. Krug and Zach for letting me come into their home and having the opportunity to get to know them and feed me wonderful food and giving me much love and comfort for the entire week! I cannot thank you enough for your hospitality! You guys all take care and I’ll be sure to take good care of your son for the remainder of the school year until he comes home again!

Ok everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful spring break and keep those grades up because crunch time is coming! Take care and I will talk to you all very soon!


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