April 14, 2005

Hey everyone! Oh school is almost over for the semester and I am so excited! I am just ready to get outta here and just be at home with my family and make some much needed money to get a car amongst other things!

This semester has been one full of trials and tribulations for me…I have learned more and more that college is more than what you learn in the classroom, but is also what you learn about being on your own. I have learned how to teach some of my fellow peers chemistry to an extent in the chemsitry lab and I have enjoyed every moment of it. Mixing chemicals in the lab has also made me feel like a very important contribution to the labs and to better understand what the students are going to be doing each week…

As this year has been going on, I have figured out that maybe being in Engineering Physics is not the major for me…I am currently debating this for my own growth as a person…There have been so many days that I just don’t want to be in this major, not at all because of the difficulty, but because it is not enjoyable to me…

Last semester, chemistry was probably my hardest class, but I had enjoyed this class so much in high school that I had still worked through it…This semester I had done a little more soul searching to see if indeed I want to be doing physics and do some research all day for the next 30+ years or so…I came to a conclusion that I had just been in this major because they said that this would help me to become an astronaut! But if this stuff doesn’t seem to interest me anymore then I don’t know what to do.

Ok everyone I will keep you posted on what my situation is…I mean this is really tough because I had been wanting to come here since the 7th grade and now I feel like I just don’t think this is the right school for me anymore…Ok you all take care and I will talk to you all very soon!


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