April 24, 2005

Hello again to all my journal readers. As the year comes down to an end, I find myself having the same thing I did in all the end of my previous school years, a bad case of laziness and procrastination. This is the worst time to have such a thing, but I hope to get out of it for a week or so, so I can do well on my finals. I have one full week of classes, then about a half-week of finals and I am officially done with my first year of college.

For those of you who have not finalized your choice for college, I do want to say one thing. I waited until May 1 to submit my deposit to Embry-Riddle. I had a hard time choosing whether or not I really wanted to fly for my career. It’s a hard choice for many, but most, if not all, look back on that decision with no regrets. This also goes to all you engineer majors, ATC majors, engineering physics majors, space physics majors, etc. Just remember that some people will make the wrong choice and be forced to transfer schools. But remember that you want to be happy knowing you tried instead of remorseful and regretful that you never attempted. I am not vouching for Riddle here, I am saying in general. I was in your spot last year and it wasn’t easy, but I am happy with the choice I made. Good Luck to all of you who are still deciding on where to go and wherever your plans take you, good luck in the future!

On another note, life around here has been laid-back lately. The weather has been much better with the temperature getting warmer and the rain leaving, it makes for some great flying weather. Speaking of which, I think I am finally going to get my Private Pilot License this week, if I pass the check ride! It’s kind of weird to be thinking that it is already late April and I still have not been able to attain the license. I originally planned to have it before Spring Break, but some delays changed that, then when I came back, I finished flying, turned in my paperwork, and waited for my check ride. Well, I was told that I had missed a certain flight which was required so I promptly made it up. I then completed the paperwork, but someone at the flight department forgot to tell my instructor that my paperwork was completed, so I waited even longer for my final oral. Since two weeks had passed from my last maneuvers flight, I, just today, went flying again and practiced those maneuvers which I need to know for my check ride. I was told today that I WILL be scheduled for my check ride sometime this week, so I am keeping my fingers crossed so that I can get the dang thing scheduled and, hopefully, passed.

This weekend we had a concert here sponsored by Embry-Riddle which was pretty cool. I am not a big fan of the bands that played, but I am not going to complain. I got in for free and enjoyed my time there. One lesson was learned though: standing next to the speaker doesn’t necessarily enhance the concert experience. Well, I am just kidding, I knew what I was doing by standing near a speaker, but I didn’t realize how long it would take me to get rid of that ringing and hissing in my ear (I am still fighting it as I write this journal). It was fun nonetheless. The bands that played were ‘Riddlin’ Kids, ‘American Hi-Fi,’ and ‘Bowling For Soup.’ When I go back to California this summer, I will be going to the Warped Tour and I am looking forward to that one. Music has always been one of my main interests. Most people are surprised when I tell them the type of music I like. It ranges from Rock to Rap to Acoustic to Classical. If it’s good music, I’ll listen to it!

Well, putting my music rant to an end, I just want to thank all those of you who have complimented me for my journals. I can’t say how good it makes me feel to know that at least a few people, if not many, are actually enjoying what I write. Thank you once again for your attention, comments, suggestions, and support. I will be writing one last journal entry around this time next week, and will have a recap of the whole year for you all. I would just like to ask that if you are reading this and would like me to include anything in particular, post a message on the message board and I’ll make sure to include it. Anything from Aeronautical Science, flying, even campus and dorm life. If there is anything I may help or assist you with, let me know. Until next time!


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