December 6, 2005

One more week left of classes!!!! This coming Thursday the 7th is our last class day for this semester and looking back, time has flown by so quickly.

Don’t get the wrong idea though, just because we don’t have classes doesn’t mean we are not excepted to study for our finals, everyone has a lot of work to do. I am exempt from my air traffic 2 final due to a high enough grade which I am really excited about. Luckily I can say, classes have gone by smooth for me this semester, I think I have run through only one rough spot.
To give some of you planning on coming here some advice as for what I have learned academically here since attending this August, it would be take really good notes, and study for your tests no later then 2 days before you take them. I used to study the night before, but I learned quickly that doing that is not always the best option when you have to consider time management.

Last week I went home for Thanksgiving and it was so much fun. I never experienced walking through an airport terminal to greet my parents, and what a feeling it is to do so. I got to see most of my friends and catch up with my family, it was such a good time but unfortunately, the time went by too quickly. I was not too disappointed when I had to come back because first off it’s Daytona Beach, and second I will see everyone again in only three weeks when I go home for Christmas break. This first week back just flew by; I still can’t believe next week we are done for the semester, time to start sleeping in! I really do not have too much to say for this entry which some of you could probably tell. So with that admitted, I will catch you guys later.

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