007 Study Abroad Continued.

10154897_10203209384772142_272986979081192414_nC-130s over Normandy! Kid in a candy store moment. It was so neat seeing 5 of them or so casually flying over at extremely low altitudes. All of Normandy was filled with great patriotism; we were all a part of something bigger in remembering those who had fought for our soil and freedom.


In the streets of Normandy, France, squandering for crepes

After Normandy, we took a ferry and headed back to England. Here, we first went to Swindon to check out the German Enigma machine at Bletchley Park. If you don’t know much about the machine, the British used it to decode messages that the Germans were sending to one another during WWII. The whole place used to be a huge intelligence base.

The next day, we went to the Culture in Conflict conference at the Defense Academy of the UK. It was a three day conference consisting of various speakers from all over the world- people from the military, government agencies, companies like Lockheed Martin, civilian contractors, and intelligence companies to the Israeli Air Force.


Cranfield University/Defense Academy of the UK

It’s things like this that confirm my passions. Hearing these people speak from all over the world was very eye opening. Most of them had spent time in Middle Eastern regions like Beirut or places in Afghanistan doing research. I was intimidated, but I was inspired. I couldn’t take many pictures here…sorry, guys! But the memory of this conference will remain ingrained in my mind forever.


Bath, UK

We had a free day in Swindon, so a few of us decided to visit Bath. Bath is a place that is exactly as it sounds; it’s famous for its ancient Roman Baths.


Somehow, I managed to come across this quote while I was abroad:

black background

It definitely struck me. This trip had opened my heart up to many possibilities in terms of where I could take my career. I never knew how many petals this rose of the intelligence field could have. And wow, am I amazed. Studying abroad is such a great idea if you’re thirsting for more knowledge. I went only knowing so few things and came back so much richer than before. Let travel change you. You learn a lot about yourself, too.. which is probably the most important thing you could understand, especially when you’re trying to find out, well, what you want to “do.” Make your passion so big that you can’t fully grasp it even if you travel the world. You can never know enough about your passion.. I guess that’s what makes it what it is. That’s what makes you discover brand new petals of the flower over and over again.

We’re in London next. I’m excited to visit again.

More coming!

October 10

Hey Readers,

Surprisingly, I’m back! I was so excited when I found out I would be back for yet another year as a journal writer. So much has happened since the last time I wrote an entry, such as summer, RA training, and the first month of school. I’ll just jump right into it.

Summer was full of old friends, my own apartment in Harlem, working at a restaurant, and just having a huge vacation. It was a great experience, and I needed a break from college stresses, so although some of you may be tempted to take classes in the summer, it has its benefits (reduced rate per credit hour) but nothing beats going home after 9 months away from home.

I was back in Daytona on August 12th, the earliest I have ever been in a school setting. I had come back this early for Resident Advisor (RA) training. I was here for two weeks preparing for the arrival of all our residents, new and returning. It was a really good week and a half, filled with ups and downs. Getting to interact with the full RA and RD staff really built a sense of community, and we became a really big, slightly dysfunctional, but loving family. The culmination of this was RA Camp up in Ocala National Forest, where we spent 3 days playing games, getting to know each other further, canoeing, competing and overall team building.

RA life has been good to me thus far. I live in O’Connor Hall, a hall comprised mostly of upperclassmen, but surprised as I was, 10 first-year students were assigned to my wing this year. RA’s at this school are not the stereotypical RAs you see in movies, as we are not out to get you. We’re there for a lot more educational and social development purposes, but in order to get to that, safety is the primary concern. This campus is one of the safest in Florida, so we do not have too many issues with that.

The next aspect of coming back was interviewing to be on the Student Representative Board in our Student Government Association. Well, the interview must have gone pretty well, because I was named the newest Student Rep for the College Of Business. It has been an amazing experience so far, and I’m doing so much. I sit on the Progress Committee and the Environmental Awareness Committee. On both, we are accomplishing many things and I look forward to telling you about them all year.

One of the projects I am currently working on is EagleBay (temporary name). It would be an EBay type website for the Daytona Campus. I am currently trying to work out all the business aspects of it, such as finding a partner to accept payments and getting it up and running through the school’s system, so our student money accounts (Eagle Dollars) may be accepted. This is very much in its beginning stages, so you’ll be along for the ride all year long.

I shall now get to the reason we are all here. Classes this year have been so amazing, because now I get to learning things that are more specific to my major, Aviation Business Administration and my newly declared minor, Aviation Safety. My classes this semester are Organizational Behavior (BA 317), Corporate Finance (BA 332), Business Communication (COM 222), Decision Math (MA 320) and Intro to Aviation Safety (SF 210). My favorite class is by far Corporate Finance. My instructor is amazing in taking what could be a relatively boring subject and captivating us all, and really making us think about money in a new light, especially for the students who are looking to get into upper management of a corporation. Intro to Aviation Safety is my most interesting class. Learning the beginnings of how safety is evaluated, regulated and preserved is quite fun and I really like the things I am learning.

Finally, for this first entry, I want to tell you about our open house this year. It is October 27th, during Homecoming weekend. It will be a really fun time with tours, information and speeches. One of those speakers will be me, but that shouldn’t be the only reason you come. I hope to see you all here in a couple weeks, and keep your grades up!

Until Next Time,


May 4, 2006

This semester has come and gone so quickly, I can not believe I have been here for an entire year.

Things have been really hectic here the last week of school because of finals; I had so many papers to write. Things are going good though concerning my final grades and I am satisfied with how things will turn out.

It is going to feel good to get another break from doing all of this work for a little bit, by the end of a semester you get kind of worn out in way. The only downside for me is I am going to be taking classes both the summer A and summer B sessions back home in order to graduate and get onto the FAA waiting list sooner.

After my last exam which is AT305 tomorrow at 12:30, I am officially done with the Spring ’06 semester for three weeks until mid May.

Looking back from now, so much has happened this past year. I remember not even 12 months ago I would sit by my computer researching as much as I could about Embry-Riddle’s student life and reading all the journal entries. Now, I am an experienced Riddle student who is even a journal writer — who would have imagined.

Within this year I made a lot of great new friends, joined a Fraternity, passed all my classes with good grades and so much more. I conquered all of my uncertainties and worries I had before I came down here when I was in most of your positions, future freshman.

Looking back on it though, there was no reason to feel that way because this school is great. From my classmates to the faculty and staff here, everyone is really nice and helpful. The Professors I have had this past year were all so knowledgeable, I have a lot respect for just about every single one and I am sure you will too.

To give all of you some advice for when you come here, be yourself and make as many friends as you can. Next year will be my 4th year of college and I always see the same stuff happening with new students.

When you come here it will be like nothing you have ever experienced, you will be alone and need to start over a new reputation and group of friends, no more high school statuses. So, get a good group of friends and stay out of your dorm room as much as you can the first week, unless you are with other people besides your roommates.

Go to as many of the school activities you can for orientation and even the night programs even though they are usually corny, sometimes they’re good. Be the bigger person and go up to as many new people as you can and get to know them, most of you will be new here and have a lot to talk about, so don’t be shy. Just get out there and do it even if it feels scary or weird! If you get asked to go to a Fraternity/Sorority party, you have been introduced to a great opportunity; just do not get too carried away that first night with the fun.

Letting go of home is going to be the hardest part of transitioning into your new college life, your first two weeks will be the toughest. Listen to my advice and I guarantee you will have the time of your life from the beginning of school until the end. Don’t be that kid who sits in his dorm room hiding all day and night.

Finally, sleeping in feels soooo good, but go to class every day because sleeping in or skipping class is almost addictive.

This is my last journal entry and I hope I have helped most of you get a better picture of what college life is really like here at Embry-Riddle. I can honestly say I am proud to be a student here and couldn’t ask for a better school to end up in. College is going to be one of the most fun and exciting times in your life that will definitely define your character. Do as many unique and crazy things you can here because you only live once, there are a few things I do not think I can every forget (no regrets).

If you are wondering about me, I will be senior next year and hopefully graduating next spring. After graduation I plan on taking the summer off and then starting on my Master’s degree before the FAA gives me my call. My future goal and dream is to work in a major center or major tower like the big leaguers in Newark Liberty Airport ATC Tower (EWR).

If anyone ever has any questions or concerns I might be able to help guide you through with, feel free to email me anytime at beim582@erau.edu or come up to me on campus. I wish all of you the best of luck and have a safe summer.

April 24, 2006

It’s the last journal entry already! I can’t believe it. The beginning of the school year seems like just yesterday, with moving in, orientation week, meeting everyone for the first time, NSOP for ROTC and all that. I remember before I got here, I was worried that ROTC was going to be too intense or something, primarily because I second-guess myself a lot, but I totally got into the swing of things, academically and in ROTC. Even though it seems like this year went by so quickly, I still look back and realize that I’ve changed a lot since then. I’ve learned so much, and experienced so many changes, and grown up a lot and become more responsible. I also got used to college stress, which I find to be a lot different than anything you experience at home or in high school. I wouldn’t necessarily say that anyone is worse than the other, but they are different and I think you have to learn how to handle them in different ways.

For my last two weeks at school I moved out of McKay into Doolittle with one of my friends. I just wasn’t getting along with one of my roommates and I realized my efforts to make it work were futile, so I think I made the best decision in moving. Instead of making it an issue of faults, I decided it was best for me to be the one to leave because I had people willing to take me. This also made me learn a few lessons I thought I would share because I’m sure many of you will go through the same thing. Most people are worth the effort of making friends with them, but when there are those that don’t appreciate you or don’t value everyone as a human being like they are, those people are not worth your time, effort, or worries. Also remember, you are in college, away from your parents because you are expected to act like an adult, so act like one. Be responsible for your actions and decisions. Lastly, if someone doesn’t treat you with the respect you deserve, don’t sink to their level and do the same. You will end up feeling a lot better knowing you did the right thing. Getting the last word in isn’t always the most important thing, because in the end it will be obvious who did the right thing, and that is the best part.

ROTC ended for the semester on Friday the 21st with PIR for spring. It felt good knowing I don’t have any more ROTC stuff to think about for the next couple months. I’m also looking forward to the challenges of being a 200 and doing FTP (field training preparation).

On Thursday (April 27th), I’m going to be going home for two weeks between Spring and Summer A. My flight leaves just a couple hours after my last final. As soon as I go home, I just want to lay down on the couch and not get up and just enjoy the solitude for a while. Then I’m going to go hang out with some old friends so we can catch up and maybe go to some shows in Seattle.

It’s so hard to believe that a year of college is already behind me. I just can’t get over that. With all the rough stuff that comes with the first year of college, I really appreciate this first year I had. No matter where you end up going to school, college is definitely worth going to. Well I’ve really enjoyed writing for all of you this year, and I hope everyone has a great summer, and I’ll see some of you either over the summer or next fall! Be sure to say hi to me when you see me! And of course, you can still get in touch with me anytime at kenyonj@erau.edu! Thanks so much for reading everyone!

April 20, 2006

Hey all!

Well, only a few days left for the semester, and I am so ready to be done! I have tons of projects and tests and important things coming up so I will be very busy in the next week and a half. I will be staying for the summer A session, and I will be going home at the end of June, and Kenny will be staying with me in Minnesota until after the 4th of July. Yay! I went to Port St. Lucie again with him this past weekend for Easter and I had a blast. He has seven younger cousins that I love to hang out with, and I got to meet his parents and younger brother and sister from Virginia this time, too. This was my first Easter without snow, so I really enjoyed the egg hunt outside and the pool and the nice weather.

 The weekend before was my formal for Tri-Sigma (the Buccaneer’s Ball), and Kenny’s formal for his fraternity (Sigma Alpha Epsilon), called the Lion’s Ball. We went to both in the same night, and we had lots of fun dancing and taking pictures. At the Lion’s Ball, Kenny got the True Gentleman Award and I am so proud of him! I just wish I hadn’t stepped out of the room just before it was awarded to him so I could have seen him get it!

I just got my placement letter for the RA class and I am going to be an RA in McKay next year. I was thrilled because this was my first choice, and I was very grateful because I also found out that only half of my class was hired. So, if any of you that are reading this and are going to be a freshman in McKay next year, I might be your RA! Drop me an email!

Have a great summer!

April 19, 2006

Well this is it guys!

This is the last journal you will be reading for the Spring Semester. Summer is approaching quickly and so are the finals. My earliest final exam will be in Meteorology on April 26th. Not to mention, sometimes we have exams here on Saturdays, so that’s not too uncommon. People are preparing and getting ready to finish this semester, I know everyone is excited! The grades have been much better then last semesters. I can’t say what they all are because half of them are borderline. I got two classes I am trying to get an A in, so I hope that works. Getting an A in college is not easy I must say, it’s hard work.

The weather has been really hot now. I hate it. I can’t even go to class without breaking a sweat, but hey that’s Florida! I’m thinking of maybe moving off-campus and live in an apartment with a friend. It is much cheaper. But for your first year here at Embry-Riddle, I suggest that everyone gets here and lives on campus their first year so you can adjust to your surroundings and get comfortable. Then later maybe move off-campus when you got everything settled. I have been continuing to play soccer with my friends here every weekend and we are just having a blast with it. Only two more weeks to go and I will be going home. I will be there for nearly 2 months taking some courses at a Community College to save myself some major money. With this, I will be close to home and will be excited to eat my mom’s home-cooked meals. The food here I really don’t like, but that’s because I am just bored of it. The first few weeks it was good because it was new, but it kind of got old and just boring. The meal plans here are expensive too.

Well I hope everyone enjoyed reading my journal and hope everyone who is planning on coming to Embry-Riddle comes and meets me. Last year, I was in the same shoes as you guys and was always asking the writer how ERAU was, what’s new, etc. I was excited to hear from a student much more then a faculty. Because I am more realistic, I believe student input has more quality then faculty input. There are always some questions a student would like to ask another student then rather ask the faculty to escape embarrassment. That is why I believe this was a good idea to do and hope you will too next year!

Email me if you have any concerns or questions about ERAU at DinkoResidovic@hotmail.com AIM Mafia6663

April 18, 2006

The time for adieus draws near, friends and neighbors, this is the last journal entry that I’ll write coz next semester I’ll be halfway through my sophomore credits. Oh, well, it has been fun for me, guys, and judging by the number of emails I’ve been getting from people around the world, it’s been informational for you guys as well, which is awesome, hope I was able to help most of you over the course of the year!

Anyway, to wrap things up on the job front – I have picked up a job that is both fun and much more monetarily beneficial, valet parking at the Hilton on Beachside. It’s great, because I get to drive expensive Mercedes’, Audi’s, Jaguar’s and Cadillac’s all day long. I also make a more than decent amount from tips, and its fun driving back and forth. That’s my idea of a job, having fun and making money, all at the same time. Funnily enough, most of the newer cars have park assist (that’s nice), and some Acura vans actually have cameras showing you the rear of your car (that’s insulting my intelligence), which makes my job that much easier. I’m working 32 hours a week at this job, and over the summer I’ll probably go the equivalent of full time which means I’ll be raking in the greenbacks. Hey, fine by me!

The job is so great that I quit Cold Stone’s and my tutoring job. Plus, this journal writing gig is ending after this entry, so it leaves me with two very nice paying jobs, valet parking and card dealing.

This summer, I’ll be taking EGR 120 and Statics (that’s summer A), and Humanities and Psychology at Jacksonville (Summer B). Things have been hectic getting ready for this and I’m moving off campus with three friends by the end of this semester, can’t wait! Also, finals are coming up, Physics and Math, hopefully I’ll be able to keep up my A’s with the time I’m putting into my new job!

Wish me luck with that, this is Junior’s Jiving Journals signing out, happy Easter to you all, and I wish you all success!

April 10, 2006

WoW!! Has this year EVER gone by SoOo fast!! I don’t know whether that’s good or bad, but I’m not gonna lie.. I’m REALLY looking forward to this four month long summer vacation. I think just about everyone I know is ready for a break from school about now.

Things have seemed to calm down, lately. Nothing else has decided to catch fire.. and I’m not falling apart any more, in the department of health. So, that’s good news!! I have torn my PCL, though.. it’s been confirmed by the specialist that the hospital referred me to. And I’m finally getting things covered by the insurance company dealing with the accident’s costs. So, that’s great news!! Where things will go from here in regards to surgery/rehabilitation, I don’t know, yet. I have to get an MRI before the final decision is made.. and though MRI’s are very miniscule in the chain of medicine, I’d prefer to get it done while at home, in Ohio. So, it looks like May 15ish should be the deciding date. Until then, it’s CRUTCHES!! Speaking of which, EVERYONE at Riddle seems to be on crutches, in a cast, etc. It’s absolutely ridiculous. In my sorority, alone, there are two of us on crutches.. one girl’s got her arm in a cast. It’s CRaZzZie. So, be safe doing whatever it is that SENIORS (or juniors) in high school do, these days!

I’ll be attatching a few pictures from the cruise for your enjoyment.. if you’d like to see more, send me an Instant Message (LiL sUnKiSS 1015), sometime.. I’d be glad to send them your way :o) I just can’t spend ALL morning attaching photo after photo to this e-mail.

As far as classes go, things are either going to get REALLY good or really bad, this week. I have a BIG test, today, in my speech class.. and I plan to study for that the hour beforehand in my MeTeoRoLoGY class. YIPES!! I also have a speech coming up on the 17th.. wish me luck! The speech is supposed to be persuasive.. and my topic of choice is “why students should study abroad”.. I was inspired by the one and only Jamie Leigh. She’s planning on studying abroad in Campache, Mexico, this summer. I’ve yet to decide if I’ll be joining her. She’s also the one in the cast.. so, her plans may change!! I’d really like to go, though. I was a foreign exchange student in my past. I went to Toluca, Mexico.. the city directly south of Mexico City. It was a great time.. I’d love to go back and see everyone, sometime.

In other classes, I didn’t do as well as I thought I’d done on the last meteorology exam. So, I’ve got the final to cram for in order to pull my grade back up. I’ve got a test in AT 300 (Air Traffic Control) on Friday. I have a study session with some of the guys in the Pike fraternity, Thursday night. I hope that goes well. Both of the guys are doing much better than I am in this class, though. So, I feel pretty comfortable :o)

I also had a paper due in a class, last Friday. I’ve yet to even read the plays that I’m to be writing this paper on. So, I’d best get started on that. I have until Friday before it’s actually considered late, though. That’s good!!

Life, other than all of this, is great. I’m having a great time with amazing friends. I went to a formal, this past week.. YaY PHI DELTA THETA!! And our Xi Man Competition (Alpha Xi Delta’s annual competition for the sorority’s sweetheart) was a success.. new sweetheart: Gizzie from Delta Chi!!

That’s it for now.. hope you enjoy the pictures!! Only one more journal entry left 🙁 I’ll miss ya’ll

April 10, 2006

Hello guys!

The weather has been getting warmer and warmer. Today, its really warm. Walking to my classrooms I get sweaty, and so does everyone else. I can’t imagine how its going to be again during the summer. It’s a PAIN. But it’s Florida, what else can we expect? Definitely not snow.

My grades are much better then last semester’s here. As you all know, I had problems being in a room with different roommates, I just couldn’t get along. Now, I have the room by myself and my grades are much better. I am getting enough sleep and don’t have to worry about waking anyone up when I wake up. So far I have an A in my international studies class, it’s a really good class and it focuses much on Europe, and that’s where I am from! No wonder right?? Currently in Meteorology I have a low C and likewise in Human Factors. WX201 I thought would be very easy, but unfortunately half of the class is failing so it’s really hard. But very interesting I must say. Human Factors is psychology, just with systems, that exam was not that easy, but I didn’t study for it, so I deserve it. I am working on it to get a B in that class. Everything else I have a B and currently am glad my grades have improved by every class.

In Summer A, I will be home taking some classes like I said in the previous journal to save myself some major money. But that’s just general education. When I’m done with those classes, I will be very happy and will start taking all of my Air Traffic classes. My friend just recently took the AT-SAT which is the Test for Air Traffic Control students and said it was easy. I’m always looking forward to another semester because each semester life is new. Many ‘new species’ are around and you meet different people. Last semester I read that they are expanding this campus within like 6 years. Its going to double and I’m sure that’s when our school will be in every state’s newspaper, etc. They just recently finished building a new track field right next to our gymnasium which I still haven’t visited. But I can see it when I go on the 5th floor, looks really nice and clean.

I was informed that there is only one more journal to go and then it will be out last sad enough. But I know we all had a blast in writing our experience here at ERAU.

If anyone needs to know anything about this campus please feel free to contact me on the discussion board or at: DinkoResidovic@hotmail.com or IM on AIM as MAFIA6663.

Have a great day!!

April 7, 2006

The semester is almost over, I just have to get through finals and I am done with college for about three weeks. I am then going to be taking summer classes back home in order to graduate in the Spring of ’07. I did not realize how many credits this school was going to be accepting until I completed my college career course outline. I had to do all kinds of paper work these past two weeks just to be sure I had not missed any courses or requirements. I declared my minor a week ago which I decided to go with psychology. I still can not believe how fast my college career is going and the fact that I only have one more year to go here at Riddle. In one sense I am excited about getting my name on the FAA waiting list and graduating, but on the other hand I am kind of disappointed that I am going to be leaving this school and thrown into the real world. Things seem to be going very smoothly for me if everything works out and hopefully they will.

I am happy to report that my ATC radar lab is going great now. I was worried for a little while because I was not as proficient at it as I wanted to be in there. Now things just seem to be flowing out of my mouth and the pressure is not as intense because I have a good feel for it. When people say ATC is one of the most stressful jobs in the country, now I know why. I have only gotten a little taste of what working traffic is like and I can’t wait to feel some of the intense pressure involved with the heavier airspaces. It feels good to have these technical sounding commands firing out of my mouth like second nature and actually organizing and controlling all the traffic on the screen. This field is so for me and I am still so happy I came to Riddle to pursue something I am passionate about.

The weather is starting to turn from comfortable to hot here and the sense of the end of the semester is in the air. This past weekend the band New Found Glory came to Riddle and threw a big concert which was sponsored by Touch & Go productions. The concert was really good for Riddle and I managed to get into the front row which wasn’t so good. I got kicked in the face and head like 4 times by crowd surfers but it was all worth it when the lead singer leaned into the crowd right in front of me. That night was so much fun and after the concert it was even more fun with my Fraternity.

I bet most of you future Embry-Riddle students are excited about coming here considering August is getting closer and closer. You should be because a lot of fun new experiences are soon approaching you. I appreciate the comments about my journals from you future students and hope my advice is helping you. Until the final journal entry, keep up in school even though you already have a future awaiting you and stay out of trouble.